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RIGHT NOW! Drunken Conversation Sunday night, Come on over…

Okay. I’m going to try an experiment. It’s Sunday night 10pm PST, 1am EST. I’m pouring a drink. Please do the same. We can talk about anything you want too on this post, just don’t get too crazy rude on each other. 

We’ll start with a topic and go to discussion. And any twists and turns the conversation takes is fine. Everything allowed except racial slurs, slander, and heavy duty insults for no reason.


BEST SEX YOU EVER HAD?  I’ll start, and I am going to sign up for a commenting account (on LIB) as soon as I post this. So GO< COMMENT!!!!

So we pulled off the road and parked in the drive way of the house. It was in the middle of a city, but on a lot that was under construction and covered with trees. Started making out in the front seat. Got undressed and climbed in the back seat. Started fucking hard and fast. It was hot and quick and next thing we know there is a spot light on the car, and a police officer knocking at the window.

We got out of a ticket, and when we got back to my house we had great, silly sex all over again talking about what just happened to us.

Want more details? I want to hear yours first….




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