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Riley Steele-“It was a lot of making out with Kelly Brook” Exclusive interview, Including Pirahna 3D- pt 2

Interview By Cindi Loftus 
Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

You can read part one here

X: So that scene covers most everybody. Have you done a one on one scene with Jessie Jane yet?
   R: Yeah, we have lots together. We’ve had lots of private ones. Every time we get together it turns into…

X: Oh, so you told me a secret! So what is your favorite ON Camera Jessie Jane scene that you have done?
   R: I can tell you something funny that’s happened on set. For the movie Fly Girls it was not in the script that we got to have sex on the airplane and we were pretty pissed off about that because we wanted to have sex on the airplane. So we grabbed Manuel and Evan Stone and we took them on the airplane while the other girls were doing the photo shoot, and we fucked them.

X: Not even on camera? 
R: No, and then our production manager walked in and yelled at us and we got in trouble. But we got to fuck on the airplane.

X: They were probably mad because you didn’t tell them so they could film it.
  R: Yeah they said they could’ve filmed it for behind the scenes.

X: I noticed that on twitter you talked to Katsuni and you said you love her French accent.
  R: Uh hmm. She is one of my favorite girls to work with. She is one of my top three girls. She is so sensual. She locks eyes with you. You don’t know what she is saying but you know it is dirty and hot. Her skin, they way her lips feel, her boobs are perfect. She is the epitome of a sexual woman. She is just amazing. She is really like a cat, very feline. She looks like she is about to pounce on you. I love her.

X: So who are your favorite girls and guys to work with?
  R: Katsuni, Jessie of course. Manuel and Erik Everhard.

X: Do you watch your own porn?  
R: I start to watch it, but then I can’t watch it.

X: Do you watch other porn?   
R: I do yeah. But when you are in porn and you know everyone in porn, it ruins your porn watching because you know the people in it. I have to find complete gonzo dirty porn where I don’t know the people. Like Robbie’s Hand Held stuff, it’s just straight gonzo, no acting. I like it.

X: That’s good because it’s jerk-off-able. So you like gonzo?  R: When I watch porn, I want to do it, gone. I don’t want to eat popcorn with my porn.

X: Are you a Hitachi girl? A finger girl? What do you use to masturbate?  R: My Hitachi, I love it. But it is getting low I am going to have to get another one.

X: They should have porn stars endorse Hitachis and pocket rockets, because everyone has a Hitachi at home and a pocket rocket to travel with.
    R: Because they are the best and nothing can beat them!

X: Did your suitcase ever get checked in airport security?  R: No that’s never happened. But they wanted me to do something like that for some commercial, they put all these Digital Playground toys in my bag and I went though security and they didn’t do anything about it. I was like HELLO. They just let me go. I was going to New York too.

X: They probably looked and said, oh she’s a porn star.
   R: I can’t hide that I’m a porn star now that I’m living in LA. When I lived in San Diego I would say I model and they would believe me. But now, they know it’s porn.

X: So you family and friends from back home all know?
 R: They all know. They knew it was what I wanted to do so no one was really shocked.

X: What does the perfect penis look like?  
R: Like Scott Nail’s dick.

X: He is very well liked. I hear about him a lot. What is the most fun you have had with him?
  R: Probably off camera at Body Heat. We had sex a lot off camera during that movie. It was a really long shoot and there were a lot of days when there was no sex because there was so much acting in that movie. Everyone just started having sex because you can’t put all of us on set together and expect us not to have sex, because we do.

X: Scott must be really upset when he has to go work on your sets.
  R: (Laughs) I love him. If he’s not sleeping, he is fucking.

X: What is Body Heat all about?
  R: We have a theme for each of our movies, like teachers, nurses and this one is a firefighter’s movie.

X: Digital has beautiful movies, beautiful costumes.  
R: We really do. They keep stepping it up with every feature too.

X: What won’t you do sexually?  R: I’m down to try anything once. That is what I like about being a porn star, I don’t know if I would ever feel safe enough or ok enough to do two guys in my personal life, or bring two guys home with me, but it’s something that I get to act out on camera and it’s safe. So on camera I would try anything because I would feel safe.

X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?  
R: Uhmmm. Being locked in the closet and just used.

X: If we lock you in the closet, do we lock the guy in there with you? Or does he just make you suffer in the closet for a while before he pulls you out and does wonderful and awful things to you.
   R: How about he locks me in the closet and blindfolds me and then fucks me and then leaves me in there and sends over his friends to fuck me when they want to.

X: That sounds like a movie possibility.  R: I told Robbie that I wanted to do that for a movie but he won’t let me. He said I had issues (Laughs)

X: You could make it something funny, like a Halloween party where it happens in a fun way. You jokingly get locked in the closet and everyone is in costumes and they have a blindfold to put on you as part of the outfit.
  R: Oh my god. I love you! This might work.

X: If not that then you could do a masquerade party.
  R: Yeah. Yah! You should start directing and writing.

X: (Laughs) Thank you for the compliment. But I write plenty. I watched a trailer last night for Piranha 3D! There are so many huge stars in that movie!
I didn’t see you in the trailer though. What does your character Crystal do in the movie?  R: I play Kelly Brook’s best friend, we are these two wild, wild girls. Jerry O’Connell is our “Joe Francis type” you could say and basically what it is, we are out on a boat having a party. And all of a sudden these piranha start of attacking. I have a fairly small part in the movie. I am there more as eye candy I guess you can say. I have a lot of underwater swimming I had to do. It was a lot of making out with Kelly Brook.

X: Oh, that’s terrible! (Laughs)  R: I know it was really hard but somebody had to do it so they picked me. (Laughs)

X: Did they do lots of cool underwater filming?
  R: They built this really huge tank for us to do the death scenes underwater because the lake was too dirty, that the camera couldn’t really see us. I had to do two months of very extensive swim training, because I could not swim. I told them before I signed on to do this that I can’t swim very well. So they took video of my first time in the pool which was hilarious because my cheeks were all blown out like a blow fish, and they said swim sexier. I was like ok, and I’m swimming doggy paddle. I have to say that I came very far from where I started, to swimming sexy. It was very hard. Holding your breath under water and sucking in your tummy and you are thinking all these things. And then you have to make out with Kelly Brook all at the same time.

X: Suck in your stomach and hold your breath are opposite things to do.
  R: And also your eyes have to be open.

X: How do you kiss someone while you are holding your breath?  
R: It was really hard, there was so much going on, but we got it. We had this underwater intertwining thing we had to do and the director actually said it was one of the best things he’s ever shot. So I am anxious to see it.

X: That’s really cool. Did you get eaten? Were you fish food?   
R: You have to watch the movie to find out.

X: Ohhhhh. Those piranhas are scary I saw them on the trailer. I love that kind of movie.  R: Well I hope you enjoy it.

X: It comes out August 20th. Is it coming out in the movies or on DVD?  
R: It’s going to be in the theaters actually.

X: That’s fabulous. It’s the perfect summer scary sexy funny movie. There is comedy in it too right?  
R: Yeah there is, Jerry O’Connell brings a lot of comic relief to it. He’s very funny in this movie.

X: How was Richard Dreyfus?  R: He was great. I didn’t shoot anything with him, but I did get to meet him on set. He was really, really nice. He came up to me and Kelly and said Hey girls. Everybody was really nice.

X: This will definitely get you more mainstream offers. Do you want to do more mainstream movies?  R: Definitely I am very interested in it. Hopefully it opens up the door for more movies that have a lot of sex in them.

X: Did you have any kissing with guys in Piranha?
  R: No, in that movie it was all about the girls, girls making out with each other.

X: You are so adorable and sweet and innocent looking, and you are sweet, but I don’t think you are innocent.
  R: (Laughs) No, not innocent.

X: You must surprise people when they meet you and you tell them what you do for a living. I fuck!  R: I fuck people on camera.

X: One of your fans asked me to ask you this question. If you could meet three people, dead or alive, to have lunch and a conversation with, who would it be?
  R: Bridget Bardot, Chase Crawford, he’s this new hot actor, and I’d like to meet Madonna.

X: I would like to meet Madonna also. So when you go on this lunch, make sure you bring me. Since you live in California, what do you think of Gay Marriage?  
R: I am all for it.

X: Do you have a website? Or do you consider Digital’s to be your website?
  R: I do. We are working on content for my own site, it’s my own personal website and I can do whatever I want for it, but it just takes so much time to get content up. It should be up and ready by the time I start feature dancing which will be in the fall.

X: So right now people can see more of you in your movies of course, and on
 R: Right.

X: Do you have a message for your fans?
 R: Follow me on to keep up to date with everything I have going on.

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