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Riley Steele to play Tinker Bell

Wicked Pictures is proud to announce that production is underway for the fourth entry in the highly successful, award-winning Wicked Fairy Tales imprint: Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

“Peter Pan was by far my favorite fairy tale as a kid” said a clearly enthused Braun. “The idea of being able to never grow up and live forever on a beautiful island surrounded by sexy mermaids was very appealing to me, and Tinker Bell was definitely one of my first sexual fantasies, so I’m obviously very excited about bringing this project to life”.

With the upcoming October 9th release of the mainstream adaptation/prequel Pan, starring Hugh Jackman, timing seems perfect for the four-time AVN Director of the Year to foray once again into erotic fairy tale territory, especially given the extraordinary success of his previous installments Snow White XXX, Sleeping Beauty XXX and Cinderella XXX.

While full cast details haven’t been announced yet, one iconic role that is definitely locked in is the sweet and sassy fairy Tinker Bell, which will be played by Axel Braun Productions contract girl Riley Steele, who earlier this year vowed audiences as the lead in the mega-hit Barbarella XXX from Wicked Comix.

“I am so over the moon about this!” exclaims a bubbly Steele. “I feel like Tinker Bell is the role I was born to play, she’s cute, and fun, and sexy, and there’s a dexterity about her which works so well in contrast with Peter’s braggadocio… plus I’ve always been told that I really look like her, so I’m, like, YAY!”

Riley Steele

Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody will be out on DVD in September.


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