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Rio Valentine/Morgan Dayne/ ?

NL-I think that rumor that Cezar Capone’s contract girl Morgan Dayne became Rio Valentine so she could be a Digital Playground has gone around the gossip sites three times so far, and still no word on if it is happening or not. She is a beautiful, sweet girl and comes across as very obedient. When I met her everything I asked her she looked at Cezar who answered for her, or nodded his head so she could answer. I think she would fit in well at DP where doing what you are told is very important to them. Don’t get me wrong, I  don’t think Jesse Jane fits into that category. Jesse rocks, she’s on TV, mag covers and street corners with a microphone. She is so popular and well positioned she can do whatever she wants these days, and anything she does gets more publicity for DP. But Rio is beautiful, quiet and naive, perfect DP material if you ask me.

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Is Rio Valentine the same person as Morgan Dayne?
Yes and no. Rio Valentine began her adult career as Morgan Dayne, the first ever contract star for Cezar Capone but due to legal issues with her contract with him she could no longer use the name Morgan Dayne and now performs under the name Rio Valentine.

In January of 2009 Morgan Dayne’s contract company Cezar Capone was in talks with a bigger studio to do a special movie. Morgan Dayne was excited about having the chance to get to work with such big named people in the industry. About a month later she was approached by one of the people from that bigger studio about signing with them. It was something she really wanted so she parted ways with Cezar Capone but due to some legal hassle she couldn’t use the name Morgan Dayne anymore and from that moment on she became Rio Valentine. 


Cezar Capone has moved on to his next contract girl already. Natasha Nice is another cutie. Cezar also runs several amateur porn sites, and the girls on them truly are very hot unknowns. Here’s a link for a tour 18+ legal in your jurisdiction clicky

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