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Rob Piper is Made Brand Ambassador of Male UltraCore Sexual Enhancement Supplement

Rob Piper

Tall, dark and handsome male performer Rob Piper has been made brand ambassador of sexual enhancement supplement, Male UltraCore, an all-natural herbal product that combines VI-PEX and STEM technologies creating a chain reaction that ultimately gives an overall experience of high potency and maximum performance.  

“Every man dreams of having the ability to fuck like a porn star, but it’s actually not a dream, it’s a secret,” says Rob. “The secret is Male UltraCore, and it will change your performance in the bedroom forever. If you want massive, hard erections and you want to give your partner screaming orgasms, this is the last male enhancement pill you will ever need.”  

Rob will be posting the benefits of Male UltraCore and doing interviews about the product beginning this month. As an avid believer in keeping a healthy body, mind and soul, the award-nominated performer touts using Male UtraCore as part of a daily, self-care regiment.  

“Porn performers are like athletes, the best ones are on continual training mode so we can keep up with the physical challenges our profession demands,” says Rob. “I feel as a positive role model for men who follow my career and watch my movies, I’m responsible to reveal there are no easy fixes, but using Male UtraCore along with exercise, diet and an overall healthy lifestyle, any man can feel like a sex stallion.”  

For more information on Male UltraCore you may go here and to watch the video about the product featuring Rob Piper go here .  

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