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Rob Spallone: Chico Has Bad problems

Gene Ross reports:

Porn Valley- Harry Weiss has moved locations and now has an office over at Rob Spallone’s Star World Modeling, Weiss is saying that things didn’t work out with Dick Nasty and that they parted ways. Weiss subsequently partnered up with Spallone and brought maybe a dozen of the girls over from Absolute Modeling.

Spallone’s not looking too happy but it has nothing to do with that. Spallone’s just left a grave phone message with Alex Morales, a guy who’s been shooting scenes for him.

“He robbed me,” declares Spallone, having urged Morales to get in touch with him. According to Spallone, Morales has sold duplicated scenes to a number of companies like Heatwave and Gentlemen’s Video and Spallone was the latest victim. Spallone says he bought a scene for Legend which he just learned was also sold to Sticky Video.

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