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Rob Spallone- in a Serious Car Accident, but no Coma


Rob Spallone is one of my favorite people in the world, and he was (is?) also a great friend of Luke Ford’s. Luke is the one who introduced me to Rob so many years ago. When I read last night that Rob was in an accident and in a coma I was out of my mind with worry. And I couldn’t get ahold of anyone at 3am to tell me what was going on.

So I called Rob’s cel today expecting that a friend or family member would answer and give me some news.

Rob answered the phone. He was in a serious car accident, the other guys car was cut in half. Rob’s head broke the windshield. But being as hard headed as he is (j/k), no stitches were required. He did however mess up his teeth. Being the tough guy he is, he is already out of the hospital and on his way home to recuperate. He is going to have to see a surgeon to get his teeth fixed.

He promised that he would come down to Fort Lauderdale in a couple weeks to see me and relax and get healed. I can’t wait. I’ve always loved this guy.  And I am so relieved that he’s going to be okay.

If you want to send him a get well wish or anything, post it in comments and I’ll forward it to him.

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