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Rob Spallone looking for me?

I got a message that Rob Spallone was trying to get in touch with me. While you might find it hard to believe, I have loved Rob  since the minute I met him.

It was many years back that  I was innocent in the adult biz. I knew a few people, but had talked to them on e-mail and phone. I was doing mostly interviews with the female stars and they all seemed to like me, but it was all new to me.

I worked out of Florida. Met them here when I could. Did phone interviews when i couldn’t.

I wasn’t jaded and liked everyone that was nice to me ( my friend N, still tells me that this is a mistake, that just because someone is nice to me, doesn’t mean they are nice, and he is probably right)

So I got invited to a Free Speech Award Dinner in LA and I flew out from Florida ( long flight).  Met up with Luke Ford, Dave Cummings and many more for the first time. Had a friend Mischa from VCA who’s table i was sitting at.

Luke had introduced me to Rob Spallone and I was so charmed by him…..

Anyway, you have to remember I was a nobody at this time ( like I am so important now, lol)  this was my first trip out to LA and no one knew who I was. 

I, of course, knew who all the porn stars were, but to them I was a newbie, nothing reporter.

So I am sitting at a great front table with mischa from VCA along with so many stars and I am tapped on the shoulder by Rob Spallone.

I turn around and RON JEREMY is standing there. He says, hi, Rob said you wanted to meet me!. OMG. I am floored. It is definitely a MOMENT for a new reporter. Ron Jeremy stayed there to charm me, and Rob Spallone was the one who had him come over to talk to me.

I fell in love with Ron Jeremy before that moment. i fell in love with Rob Spallone AT that moment. And I stayed in love with Ron for the next ten years. Rob kept my love also because he was doing a movie series called the Sopornos.

Great series, amazing movies, terrific acting, and Rob was the best ‘gangsta”  there could ever be. He was the ideal Soporno.

When it came to beating up people and winning, Rob was it. He is the perfect NY accented, tough guy with a sweet side he wants no one to know about.

But I know about it, and I miss him because I used to talk to him a lot, and Luke used to memtion him on the site all the time. I don’t see why that has to change.

Rob, miss you, love you, and want you back on LIB, even if you are selling ice cream.







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