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Rob Spallone’s Wild Week With Wanker Wang

I talk to Rob by phone Tuesday morning about Wanker Wang.

Rob: “He had booked a girl [Cali Caramel] from me. He shot her with Brian Surewood for two hours on Tuesday. Then Brian got cuts on his disk. Wanker called up and said he couldn’t finish the scene because she had stitches in her pussy from when she was raped at five years of age.

“So she told him that she would come back tomorrow with her boyfriend to do the scene.

“They came back the next day to do the scene. Ten minutes into it, he said, ‘It’s too hot. It’s not working. Forget it.’

“I call him. I say, ‘You’ve shot the girl twice. Now you send her home. You can’t do that.’

“So he comes to my office. I said, ‘I’ll book a guy. How much do you pay?’ He said, ‘$500.’ I get him a guy for $300.

“He says, ‘Make it for 2 p.m. Thursday. I’ll pick the girl up at 1:30 p.m.’

“I send the guy to the location. At 1:45, the girl calls. ‘He’s not here.’ She’s flipping. ‘I’m going to call the police. I worked. He didn’t pay me.’

“I said, ‘Calm down. You’re not calling no police.’

“The guy shows up to the location. There’s this Chinese kid there who says, ‘We’re not shooting today.’

“It takes me half an hour to get Wanker on the phone. He says, ‘What’s up? I’m in San Diego.’

“He said, ‘Ooh, I’m such an airhead. I’ll be there at 7 p.m.’

“At 6 p.m., he calls up. ‘Make it 9 p.m.’

“At 9 p.m., the talent gets there. He’s not there. The Chinese kid’s there. I get him on the phone. ‘You tell [Wanker] that I’ll break his neck.’

“I’m screaming. The kid hangs up on me. I call back. The kid don’t answer. I’m screaming [on his voice mail], I’m going to break his neck and I’m going to break your neck.’

“Wanker calls up ten minutes later. He says, ‘I’ll be there in ten minutes, Rob. Make the talent wait.’

“He gets there.

“I’m lying in my bed. It’s 10:30 p.m. They’re there for five minutes. He texts me: ‘This is not going to work. The guy don’t have wood.’

“I tell him to shoot the scene. He texts three more times. Leah calls him. He says, ‘Tell Rob to come over here.’

“I get in my car. I fly over there. I’m going to break his neck. I’m going to break his friend’s neck.

“It’s just him and my two talent. It’s working.

“I hang outside for a few minutes. Wanker comes out and says, ‘I need 12 more minutes.’

“I say OK. I leave. I drive four blocks. He calls me and says, ‘This is not going to work.’

“Thursday, he comes to my office. He says, ‘Do me a favor and tell the girl I have her booked for three more scenes but I’m canceling the check for this one.’

“I have the feeling that he didn’t have the money to shoot it and he was too afraid to say something.”

“I like the kid. Every time I see him, he says his girlfriend is f—ed up. Thursday he said that she’s on heroin. He had a different story every day.”


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