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Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, Gia Nova is in it! (Exclusive Q & A)

What was it like working for Rob Zombie?  Working with Rob Zombie was a pleasure. He is a great director and very detail oriented.

Is there sexy stuff in this movie? There are tons of sexy stuff in the movie.  Any good horror movie or Rob Zombie project or in this case both wouldn’t be the same!

What part did you play? I play myself, dancing with a band during a party…I don’t know how much I can divulge before it comes out….

Do you get naked? Bloody? Both?  Topless, Its my big boobie debute…yes I mean that both ways!

What is the funniest thing that happened on the set?  I made my boobs jump, which is no big thing to me, but everyone in the scene was laughing in amazement. like 300 people!

When we watch the movie, where & when will we see you?  I’m not sure after the editing how soon in the movie my scene will appear…possibly middle.  The release is Aug 28th


Award winning showgirl Gia Nova hits the big screen in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2!
 Atlanta, Ga. July, 2009—With the release of Halloween 2, Gia Nova, one of the industries top performers and multiple award winner and nominee is about to take her career one step farther. She will be hitting the big screen August 28th 2009. Her signature shows include everything from the notorious spark-throwing grinder, to twirling flaming tassels on her breasts to breathing fire and performing ariel acrobatics.  Not just another showgirl, Gia has also modeled for Playboy. To date she is the most tattooed starlet to appear on 
            Before the silver screen, her glittered stilettos first hit the big stage in 2007 after five previous years of dance training. Says Gia, “I’ve traveled across the United States from Miami to Anchorage and performed in venues large and small, and I never stop loving my art.”  Recently, she was invited to appear in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 and promptly solidified her path to acting.  “I have always loved the horror genre and even used to work as a special effects makeup artist.  I also have been a fan of Rob Zombie’s work since I was a child, a twisted child.  So imagine my delight when I received that phone call!” 
            Gia Nova had appeared in front of the camera and behind the scenes of a handful of indie films. Each one bigger that the last, which leads me to wonder what’s next for this blonde bombshell?  This horrifyingly wonderful slasher flick is Rob’s interpretation of Halloween 2 and the highly anticipated release of August 28 2009 has us on the edge of our seats!

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