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Robert Joseph Ragan Blasted

Robert Joseph Ragan responds to the below:

I am sick and fucking tired of slanderous lies being told about me. Enough just became enough. Your writter of that “Blast” against me is a dude named Spanky. I bet this because it came from an AOL account, which is the only email he uses. First off, yes I was asked to leave the Expo Mark because of a vicious lie that Lynton and Spanky came up with. The truth is that they don’t have the foggiest idea who sent that email and decided that it would be me. I DID NOT SEND THAT FUCKING EMAIL!!!!!. I will be geting an investigator to reserch that to prove that in no way shape or form would I have been able to do so. It’s called email headers…they work to trace. I have no interest in exposing the acual person that did, just that it wasn’t me and once I prove that in no way did I even have anything to do with it, not even knowing about it, I’m going to sue the ever living shit out of Lynton and Spanky for reasons that should be obvious to anyone that knows anything about the law. Spanky’s an x cop…he should have known better!! I do NOT use illegal drugs, haven’t for some years now. Lets get something fucking strait though, when I did, it wasn’t Meth or any other upper you fucking idiots that would say that. I USED HEROINE!!!!!!! THAT WAS MY DRUG OF CHOICE!!!. I DON’T GET INVOLVED WITH THIS HE SAID SHE SAID BULLSHIT EVER BUT I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS IDIOT SPANKY TO LAST A LIFETIME ALREADY. HE’S A JEALOUS LIAR…PERIOD!!!!!   I’ve been around this business for a long ass time and never have I seen such petty bullshit as I have since I got involved with these idiots!!! The truth of the matter is that they don’t think that anyone else would have a problem with Lynton, well bad news guys, there is someone out there that despises him . I don’t know who it is but they have there reasons. I could care less about Lynton and his company. I didn’t even send that email to you Luke when that letter my wife wrote got posted on your site and if you recall you declined to tell me who it was. I left things at that but this guy Spanky tried to tell people that he and I were good friends because allot of people that were dealing with White Tiger when I was there stopped doing so so he thought that if the accounts thought he and I were friends that they would buy from him. This did not work so I guess he decided to just make up horrible lies about me. They are all BULLSHIT!!!!!. I CAN’T EVEN STAND PEOPLE THAT DO METH…NEVER COULD!!. One last thing here and we’ll see what happens from this, if anyone thinks that they’re mighty enough or intimidate me enough to hide behind a screen name or would lie about something like using drugs or sending a fucking email for god sake, they don’t know me.  I could give a shit what a person like Spanky or Lynton even for that fact thinks of me. I would venture to guess that Lynton didn’t want Spanky to pull this shit publicly because he doesn’t like the attention. Well, neither do I but here we are. I hope your ready Spanky!!! One thing beyond a shadow of a doubt is true…I DID NOT SENT THAT EMAIL NOR DID I HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF IT BEING SENT. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE PERSON THAT SENT IT………I WILL PROVE THIS AND THEN I GOT 3 WORDS FOR YA…GAME, SET MATCH!!!!!!! The last thing I have to write here is this….Spanky, you told allot of people that you had proof that I sent that email….LIAR. YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY HAVE PROOF CUZ I DIDN’T DO IT. YOUR A PATHETIC LIAR AND I’M GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE IN THIS BUSINESS KNOWS IT… STARTING WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND, YOU KNOW, THE ONE THAT’S AN ACTIVE COP!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK FUCKER. YOUR GONNA NEED IT IN COURT. WAIT UNTIL LYNTON FINDS OUT THAT I’M SUING HIM BECAUSE OF YOU!! I WILL WIN TOO, AND NOW THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

I got this email from [email protected] (who includes evidence for six different criminal cases against Robert Ragan):

Robert Joseph Ragan Managing Partner for All Boy’s Video was expelled from the Expo Mark in the first day of the event for suspicion of being under the influence of Meth-amphetamine. In an unprecedented act in just the fourth Expo Mark Ragan was asked to leave from the Expo Mark by New Machine Management for his behavior.

Ragan Sales Manager of All Boys Video from North Miami and the New distributor for Hot Desert Knights was asked to leave Expo Mark from Dave the Sales Manager of New machine. Ragan was just to spun out said many attendees, he was observed speaking to himself in a delusional state. Many of the attendees noticed his condition which was coupled with Bruxism a symptom of Meth amphetamine use that’s shows a constant oral fixation and fidgeting.

Sources at the show stated he was spun out at the last show in Orlando. On a flight from Orlando to LAX passengers on the plane noticed he could not stay still and was talking to himself. Numerous attendees noticed his state which included auditory halucinations and speaking to himself.

Ironically Ragan had previously been accused of writing BLOG’s on [] which included attacks against his former employer. One such Blog was broadcast to the entirety of the Expo Mark which ironically contained Anti Semitic comments about his former employer. Many Expo Mark attendees were deeply offended by the Anti Semitism and the fact this Blog went out on Yom Kippur the holiest Holiday, as more than half of the attendees were Jewish!

[Luke: I do not believe that Ragan wrote the blog in question.]

All Boy’s Video recently announced that HDK’s President Mr. William Gardner was excited about Ragan taking the helm of his titles. Ironically Gardner is very anti drugs, so this will come as quite a shock to him.

As of this afternoon, Ragan’s location was unknown as he was in transit to the North East. He told sources that he needed to clean up his warrant in Union county New Jersey for theft on his way to his new home in Maine. Ragan who was convicted of robbery in Florida, had recently completed probation in April of 2006 for theft in California.

David Adamson from All Boys Video emails:

I just wanted to make a correction to that post about Rob Ragan. He is not a partner off All Boys Video Distribution and he’s not a partner of D&E Productions. Rob is just our sales person and we don’t know why he was asked to leave the ExpoMark. Currently Rob Ragan has moved to Maine were he is currently setting up his new home and he has decided to start his own distribution company which will now be called AB Distribution. We have no partnership with Rob Ragan and we just want to make it clear that we having nothing to do with Rob with the exception that he sells and distributes our DVDs, he’s been doing a great job selling and distributing the DVDs, he’s also a friend and is just trying to open and start a successful business.

We kindly ask that you don’t post information on your blog that is not true and we just wanted to clarify our stand regarding this situation. As for the other remarks on the post regarding Rob, we believe its slander on behalf of the poster and there is no truth behind those acquisitions.

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