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Pleasure products manufacturers Rock Candy Toys and Sportsheets have joined forces to host #SugarSheets, a consumer-driven Instagram contest in honor of National Candy Month, which is celebrated annually throughout the month of June.

The collaborative cross-promotion invites social media followers to enter-to-win a colorful array of best-selling Rock Candy and Sportsheets products, hand-picked by both brands to foster creativity and healthy sexual exploration in the bedroom. The prize giveaway includes a gift box featuring the Gummy Vibe, Suga Stick and a 7” Suga Daddy from Rock Candy’s sweet treat-inspired sex toy collection, as well as the Silicone Lips Mouth Gag, Purple Silicone Tickler, and Hot Pink Blindfold from the Sportsheets Sex & Mischief line.

Both companies took an intentional approach to the gender-friendly product curation, with a primary goal to educate consumers on different ways to introduce light bondage play into their pleasure repertoire.

Rock Candy looks at the cross-promotion as an opportunity to foster a community connection with industry colleagues while promoting the benefits of safe, sane and consensual bondage practices and being romantically adventurous.

“A large number of pleasure products consumers perceive

as an intimidating niche to dabble in, perhaps assuming that bondage play has to be associated with pain or discomfort,” said Casey Murphy, Rock Candy Toys product educator. “We are so excited to collaborate with Sportsheets for the #SugarSheets marketing campaign, and love the way it centers it around such a positive message for consumers.”

“It has been a pleasure to come together with the Sportsheets team, sharing the common goal of enhancing the consumer experience, and using our platforms as a way to educate and empower couples. This partnership has reminded us that at the end of the day, our industry colleagues are all working for the same cause. We look forward to creating an exciting, beneficial experience for consumers, as well as additional co-branded marketing campaigns with Sportsheets in the near future.”


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