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Rod, Ron & Dennis- 3 Amigos


Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is facing charges of peddling Barack Obama’s Senate seat. But he has the support of America’s top flesh-peddlers.

In May, Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, offered the out-of-work gov a job at Nevada’s famed legal brothel — hiring and training his ladies, as well as meting out “proper disciplinary action.”

So Hof was delighted the other night when, while he was dining with porn legend Ron Jeremy at L.A.’s Rainbow Bar & Grill, Blagojevich came over to say hello. “He’s a great guy,” says Hof, whose HBO show, “Cathouse,” kicks off its eighth season Oct. 22. “I believe he’s going to be acquitted.”

Jeremy agrees: “All he did was try to sell a Senate seat — supposedly. I found him charming. He said, ‘You’re kind of iconic, aren’t you?’ I’ll be on my knees in five seconds for anybody who says that to me.”

Blagojevich tells us he “respectfully” declined Hof’s invitation to become a ranch hand.

“I don’t think prostitution should be legalized,” says Blago, whose book, “The Governor,” is just out. “I don’t think [sex] is the kind of thing people should pay for.

“I did say his business was like politics. Both are the oldest professions. I would never take money for services. But in my business it’s very easy to get screwed.”

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