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Rog Pipe talks about his secret POV scenes, oh, and his XRCO nom for Hall of Fame

My friend Rog Pipe of has been nominated to be in the XRCO Hall of Fame. (If you get nominated, you are in) Quite an honor actually.  I asked him how he felt about getting put into a writers hall of fame by a bunch of other writers, and other amazingly interesting questions…  Here’s our interview


How did you find out your were nominated?
My good friend Den from CAVR wrote me an email with a link to a page he did announcing it. I then confirmed it with April Strom and finally got a message from Dirty Bob.
How did you feel the moment you heard?
I was sincerely shocked. I thought Den must have been joking.
Now that it has set in, what are you thinking?
That it is a tremendous honor. I was floored when they asked me to be a member of the XRCO a few years ago. Internet critics just weren’t20part of that group. You had to be big, you had to be a print guy. To be in the XRCO Hall of Fame is huge. Look at the names on that list. I feel humbled and deeply honored.. But I’m also pretty damn happy right now. It is a really nice feeling to be recognized by your peers this way. I have worked really hard for fifteen years to become a better writer, a better critic and to listen to people who take the time to read my site. To have the effort recognized in this way is beyond my wildest expectations. I have some strong feelings about some names that I believe need to be on this list, but for right now I’m just going to say thank you and do my best to live up to the honor that has been bestowed on me.
Background- How did you end up writing about porn anyway?

I was a huge porn fan for years and when I got my first computer a friend showed me some newsgroups where people were talking porn. It was great. All these fans talking about the movies and asking questions. I saw some reviews and was really pl eased with what I read. I have always loved movies, porn and writing so it seemed like a natural fit. I decided that I would give it a try and reviewed a few movies from my collection. I posted them on line and got a good reaction. People kept giving me feedback and I kept writing. From there it just grew.
How many years have you been in the industry?
I have been reviewing movies for 14 years now. Before then I was a fan, did a little camera work here and there but it’s pretty much been 14 years.
Rumors- How many secret POV scenes have you done now? And with whom?
Well it has been=2 0rumored that I have done at least two, including one with Aurora Snow. Of course only one person in the world has claimed to have seen those scenes and he still won’t give up the URL. Aurora and I are both waiting patiently to see the site because neither of us can recall ever having sex together, let alone having it on camera for a super secret web site. We really want to know if we were any good or not. I am sure she was and equally sure that I was not.
Who would you still like to do one with?

How about you? Wouldn’t that make for a great story? I have actually given this some thought. Since the rumors of my super secret POV site popped up I have been trying to figure out who to cast. Obviously Aurora Snow would be in there. I’d say that the rest of my first ten would be Moxxie Maddron, Andi Anderson, Asa Akira, Hillary Scott, Jenna Haze, Teagan, Nautica Thorn, Gianna Michales and Mika Tan. Wait, that’s not enough for a good site. Jesse Jane, Kaylani Lei, jessica drake, Bree Olson, Shay Jordan, Sasha Grey and a return to porn scene from Bridgette Monroe and Christy Canyon. And of course I would have to talk Stunner from Playboy Radio into doing her first scene for my site.
Who are your best friends in the biz?

This is hard because I know I will leave some people out. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people over the years. People who have helped me, inspired me and taught me a great deal. Some have become really good friends as well. People like you, Den, Dirty Bob, April Storm, Jeff from IAFD, Steph and Drew from AdultDVDTalk, Dave Michaels, Tricia Deveraux, Mike John, Monstar, Tina Tyler, Adella, Alana Evans, Aurora Snow, Jules Jordan, Tod Hunter, Ivan, Robby D, Rebecca Anderson, Moxxie Maddron, Porn Valley Princess, Mike South, Andi Anderson and of course Thomas Zupko wherever he is these days. I’m sure I left someone out and I apologize in advance.
Who are your worst nightmares?

Oh come on, you’re going to ask me that now? Honestly no one. There are people out there with beefs against me, but I try and avoid the drama as much as I can these days. If you twist my arm for one name…Eon McKai. That guy really doesn’t like me. But I would love to interview him any time he feels like gracing me with an audience.”

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