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Rog writes about “Jack Venice Gets Life”

by Rog of

Jack Venice Gets Life

Eligible For Parole in Nine Years

Convicted last month on rape and robbery charges, porn performer Jack Venice was sentenced to life in prison. He is 26 years old and will be eligible for parole in 9 years. I’ve been following the case, but haven’t written much about it. Some of you have asked why and it’s simple. I don’t have much of an opinion on it. Something horrible happened that night, but everything else is speculation.
We can all follow the new accounts of the story, but none of us knows what really happened that night at Washington State University. The prosecution says that Jack and a student at the university got drunk, broke into homes and eventually sexually assaulted a woman inside of a sorority house. He maintains his innocence, his lawyer plans an appeal and the victim says she is afraid of being attacked in her sleep. See, no winners here. Either an innocent man is going to prison for life or some dude raped and girl and fucked her up for life.

So what do we have to look at? Is life a fair sentence for rape? I’m OK with it, though I wonder if Jack got life because of his profession. Would a car salesman get the same sentence? If so, then I think it’s probably the right sentence. Let’s say that Jack gets out in nine years. Will he be able to return to porn? Would the industry welcome a convicted rapist back with open arms? We are all innocent until proven guilty, but in this case we have someone committed of a violent sexual crime against a young woman. Does the adult industry have an obligation to keep people like that out? I’m asking and anyone who feels like commenting can chime in. How about this question. Assuming Hanna stays with Jack the whole time he is in and they want to do a scene together. Does that change things?

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