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Rog’s Fan Fav Voting Time !

Rog says-It’s time once again to vote for the Fan Faves. This year you will notice a few changes. We have done away with the pre-registration process and have found a good polling service.There won’t be any weekly emails to remind us of voting, but I hope that there won’t be too many problems. (If you notice a problem or find a loophole in the one vote per round security, please email me at [email protected])

NOTE: I have been told that IE users can not view the polls and that the page comes up with blank brackets. It works fine with Firefox. If you can’t use Firefox, drop me an email. Perhaps I can keep some sort of manual vote tally as well.

We have now made it to the semi-finals. All categories consist of two brackets of 8 (or 9) with the top two in each bracket advancing to the Final Four next week. So the TOP TWO in each will advance. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite. Voting will end next Tuesday night at midnight (Cali time)

And now that we’re getting down to the serious contenders we can open things up to some campaign photos, fan signs and videos. Get creative people and I will feature your pic or video on the news page. Show your spirit.

Thank you all for voting and good luck to all of the nominees. Vote Here

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