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Ron Jeremy Gives Eulogy At Dennis Hof’s Memorial, Signs Boobs After

From TMZ

Ron Jeremy got right back to his usual shtick after giving a speech memorializing his late pal and Bunny Ranch owner, Dennis Hof … signing cleavage and cheesin’ with fans.

The legendary porn star gave a eulogy Saturday at the Casino Fandango in Carson City, NV, where Hof’s memorial service was held, and a bunch of his friends paid tribute to the recently deceased Hof … who was found dead at his home earlier this year.

Ron was one of the keynote speakers … and, at one point, he entertained the crowd with a story about Dennis’ HBO-produced show, ‘Cathouse,’ telling them how successful it was and how Dennis kinda pissed off execs with a clever slogan using their 3 letters.

Afterward, eyewitnesses tell us Ron was getting approached left and right by folks who wanted pics and autographs — some of whom asked for it ink to skin, like this lady here.

No word yet on whether Shelly Lubben was in attendance

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