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NL- This is part of an interview with Ron Jeremy.   I corrected the grammar/punctuation/spelling. Go to to read the whole thing. I grabbed the part where Ron gives his opinion on various people in porn.

Debi Diamond -Incredible performer, hottest girl the biz ever had. One of the few that never had a contract and perhaps should have. She s back in the biz, by the way.

Jesse Jane – Third from the top,I think. Jenna is #1,Tera #2.

Max Hardcore – He’s in jail right now. He got a raw deal. But he really did mean things. It’s just brutal to make the girls say “Look, Mom and dad, I’m a Hollywood Star” while they’re looking at the camera with all the make-up, lipstick and cum smeared all over their faces. “Thanks for the acting lessons, Mom and Dad, it paid off! I’m an actress now.”

But he shouldn t be in jail. It’s more like being hit by KARMA than by the law. The girls did the movies intentionally, so LEGALLY he shouldn’t be in jail. I mean he  says: “It’s my kink and we do it legally and I can’t compete with Vivid cuz I m not set-up like them. It’s my thing.”  Even though he pushes it too far sometimes.

Paris Hilton  – I’ve met her many times. She wanted to see my penis.That was before her sex tape.So we went into the bathroom and I said: “Ok, you ll flash the top, i’ll flash the bottom!” She did, I did.
Nothing else, unfortunately…

Bret Michaels  -I had the original sex-tape with him and Pamela Anderson. I went to him cuz someone wanted to release it illegally out of Amsterdam, like they did with the one with Tommy and Pam. And they offered him $500 000 bucks. But he said, “No, please don’t do that. I don t want the money. So it never got out there. I helped to hold it back. He loves me for that. When I see him he gives me a big hug and a kiss. My name is on Poison’s album “Flesh and Blood”. He dedicated that song “unskinny bop” to me. It s about a heavy guy having sex. I was his inspiration.

Tommy Lee – He did a song that mensions me for Methods Of Mayhem called “get naked.” Oh, and I’m mentioned on a Kid Rock album too.

Lady Gaga -Never met her. I respect her music. I think it’s good.

Pink – met her a few times. I know her husband very well.

Snoop Dogg– Met him a lot of times. I introduced him onstage. He’ s crazy. Mellow guy. One of the greatest rappers of all time. Shizzle my nizzle fizzle. Great.

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