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Ron Jeremy/pepper spray UPDATE



Porn legend RON JEREMY has leapt to the defence of a photographer accused of assaulting him with pepper spray – insisting the snapper was simply defending himself against a possible knife attack.

Reports on Monday suggested a paparazzo had maced Jeremy as he left a diner on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip.

Photographer Nasim Saleh was taken for questioning by police after the incident.

But Jeremy is adamant Saleh did nothing wrong – and might even have been trying to ward off a knifeman.

Jeremy tells, “He’s actually a sweet guy. He got a raw deal, he wasn’t bothering us really. I was at Mel’s Diner and the guy was actually very polite, the paparazzi guy. He was a very nice guy.

“Someone supposedly threatened the guy or whatever but he used pepper spray. I heard a rumour that some guy pulled a knife on him which means he had a right to pepper spray in self defence.

“Someone else said that they didn’t pull a knife, he pepper sprayed because he didn’t want to leave or something so I guess they will find out in court what happened.”

Jeremy also stood up for Saleh’s professionalism – he happily gave the photographer an interview following the incident.

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