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Ronda Rousey SI Photo Shoot – Nearly Nude!

Ronda Rousey - Nearly Nude for SI

The internet is on fire today after pics of Ronda Rousey’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot were first leaked. The ex-UFC champion was spotted in her fill glory on a Caribbean beach wearing nothing but a thin layer of body paint!

Ronda Rousey SI Photo Shoot

The sight of her extremely fit and extremely intimating body certainly drew some attention both on the beach and over cyberspace since the images were first revealed. Ronda has one sweet ass! Damn!

Ronda Rousey SI Photo Shoot

Ronda looks absolutely incredible in these photos! The primal style certainly matches both her sexual appeal and ferocity in the octagon. The 2016 SI Swimsuit Issue will be one to remember! You’ll be able to pick up your own edition in February but these sweet pics should keep you going until then.

Ronda Rousey - Sexy Fighter

This is not the first time Ronda Rousey has shown her sexy side. Ronda has no problem showing off and earlier this year gave us all a little glimpse into her sexuality and pre-fight routines. Read our previous post, Ronda Rousey: Fucking and Punching for even more!

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