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Roxie Rae Completes Her “Wedgies In Wonderland” Series

Tampa – Fetish model Roxie Rae continues to amaze fans with her unique custom clips and fetish sites. This time, she brings her fans an extra special series, Wedgies In Wonderland. This tantalizing series has something for every fetish you desire: foot worship, belly button licking, spankings, and of course, wedgies.

roxie rae

This six part series tells the tale of Roxie herself, as she is transported through a magical Rabbit Hole to a world of white rabbits, talking caterpillars, and tea parties. Each clip stars some of Roxie’s favorite models that will entice her fans and leave them mesmerized.

Wedgies In Wonderland Part 1: The White Rabbit stars Roxie, Scarlet Hart, and Andi Page. Part 2: The Caterpillar stars Roxie, Nyxon, and Scarlet Hart. Part 3: The Cheshire Cat features Roxie and Cleo. Part 4: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party includes Roxie, Akira Shell, Krystal Orchid, and Alaina Rose. Part 5: The Queen of Hearts stars Roxie, Goddess Brandon, Stefania Mafra, and Lizzy Lamb.

roxie rae

In the finale, Wedgies In Wonderland Part 6: Waking Up, Roxie is finally back in her room, awakened from what she believes is a dream. Roxie’s sister Scarlet informs her that she was in a deep sleep. Roxie begins to describe her dream to Scarlet, who says she heard about the White Rabbit and the way to find her is “through the good looking ass.” Roxie , who is annoyed at this point, gives Scarlet a wedgie, using her panties to pull her into the bathroom. Roxie shoves Scarlet’s head in the toilet and gives her a swirlie. The White Rabbit appears and paddles the naked asses of Roxie and Scarlet. Was it a dream?

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