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Roxy DeVille, Lystra Interview

Shot May 24, 2007. Photo Gallery

Roxy grew up on the South side of Chicago. “I was the homecoming queen and a cheerleader. I was the hussy who always had a pack of boys around.”

She first had sex at 14. “I liked boys from an early age.”

She had four lovers before turning 18.

In porn for just over a year, she says she’s done about 180 scenes.

“The original reason I got into it was that I was dancing for a long time and I was so sick of not making money because I didn’t have big giant titties and I didn’t hook. I thought I’d get into porno, get fake titties and move on. I ended up loving the porno and so I’m here.”

“I love that it never gets monotonous. And it’s a good business opportunity.”

Also in porn for a year, Lystra (who lost her virginity at 17) says she’s done about 20 scenes.

“I love the flexibility. I don’t get bored in it and I get bored easily.”

Luke to Roxy: “Do you ever lose sleep over health risks?”

Roxy: “No. I lose sleep over very little.”

“When I get out of porn, I’m going to open up a little salon in the Mid-West and get fat and have a bunch of kids.”

“I like guys with grease under their fingernails who can fix stuff and build things.”

Lystra likes intellectual men. “I like writers.”

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