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Ruby Ryder in the Pokey ???

NL-I received this info a few days ago and have checked it out thoroughly. I am satisfied that is is truthful, but as sometimes there are many girls with simiiar porn names I am still going to call this a rumor. TY to R for the info & L for your help…



 Cute little Ruby Ryder is not available for porn shoots at the moment. Seems that she is in the Pokey, and no I don’t mean getting a pokey, I mean the free room and board pokey as in the caged lesbian hotel. After several previous arrests including speeding, driving on a suspended license, and theft, the law has caught up with Ruby. Looks like she is being held on drug charges and probation violation with no bond. She lists her employment as marketing, lol, Hey babe, whatcha sellin’?  All sarcasm aside, I hope Ruby gets her life together and things work out for her. Maybe a short stay in jail will “sober” her up and scare her straight.





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