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Ruby writes a Eulogy for John Leslie

By Ruby

I shot my very first boy girl scene for John for Fresh Meat part 3, He wanted to shoot a reverse rape scene, which I was really excited to shoot. I think it was one of the only reverse rape scenes shot for a regular porn movie, but John was anything but regular. I got a little carried away and ended up knocking John Dekker’s cap off of his tooth( that earned me the nickname slugger), John loved that I wasn’t afraid to let macara run down my face and get a little rough. We smoked a good cigar after that scene and I gained an extrordinary respect for him as a director. I had always considered him attractive and hit on him once before I met his beautiful wife, he refused me and explained that he was monogamous and faithful to his wife, and I gained respect for the man behind the director. I later met his stunningly beautiful wife and had to stop myself from hitting on her!  I remember dinners with the Evil Angel guys, and smoking good cigars, and being the only girl allowed in the boys club. John was a brilliant director and an even better man, with one of the sharpest wits around, and I always tried to listen to every thing he said.  He taught me so much about life and I feel blessed for having known him. I’m tearing up as I write this, my condolences to his beautiful wife and family. I will be smoking a cigar in your honor tonight, Rest in Peace my old friend.

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