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RudeTV Closes Studio

Press Release-

In a move engineered to both cut costs and reformat their existing broadcast schedule, RudeTV has announced plans to temporarily close their studio doors with tentative plans for re-launch in the near future.

“Due to the current financial climate, we, not unlike many other companies, are looking for ways to trim our budget while still continuing to provide quality programming to our loyal RudeTV fan community. Unfortunately, at this time that plan must include temporarily ceasing studio operations”, says RudeTV’s Marketing Director, Chandie Foster.

“We are looking forward to developing a new format for the site to provide the community and the performers an exciting new direction that we will be moving towards in the future.”

According to Foster, will remain online and all archived shows will still be available for viewing. All affiliate links for will redirect to our flagship website and no affiliates will lose credit or earnings during the transition. Details on the re-launch date were not immediately available.

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