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I used to watch once in a while, until under new owners it fell apart and went off the air. is a partial reincarnation, with some of the same staff ( the ones I liked) back, and using the same studio. The infamous Wankus heads up the on air talent.

I watched part of a show last night-
Smell My Finger
Wankus (head shaved bald) & Monica Mayhem (topless) host, with guest Victoria Norton. Victoria is into demeaning people and says she enjoys things up her ass. They pulled out a drill with a dildo on the end, and a rubber cock as big as your arm, but neither was used. Instead Victoria stuck 5 quarters up her nose and talked about her next movie out, “My Mother Sucks Black Cock”. Showed a bunch of twisted pics and clips of porn. Even commercials were naked.

Chatroom with 350 people in it, discussed a sock fetish, tattoos, zodiac signs and other bizzare topics.

Interesting, weird, sick and funny. I would watch again.

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