Running With Scissors!

Running With Scissors!

The act of scissoring or tribbing can truly be a beautiful thing. Watching two cuties bump vag is one of our favorite activities here at Over the years it’s been questioned whether or not real lesbians actually scissor. To all those that doubt true, real-life scissoring we say, “Hey, stop ruining the fantasy!”

Considering our vast expertise when it comes to porn, we wanted to put this controversy to rest once and for all. We dive deep (real deep) into hot lesbian sex. Our very lucky research department has been working around the clock to bring us photographic evidence of hot, satisfying scissoring. With that in mind, welcome to “Running With Scissors”. Enjoy…

Scissoring Done Right!

Sasha Heart & Iris Rose

Scissoring - Sasha Heart and Iris Rose

The incredible Sasha Heart takes it upon herself to show Iris Rose what scissoring is all about. Two blonde hotties rubbing their pussies together? Got room for one more?

Nicole Aniston & Lola Foxx

Scissoring - Nicole Aniston and Lola FOxx

Hot damn! There’s nothing finer than seeing the busty Nicole Aniston scissor with Lola Foxx! These are two girls who really know how to let their “hair down”.

Kiara Diane & Chloe Lynn

Scissoring - Kiara Diane and Chloe Lynn

The very sexy Kiara Diane and Chloe Lynn demonstrate “Enhanced Scissoring” as they bring a powerful massager into the mix. Chloe might be new to the game, but she is a quick learner.

Melanie Scott & Veronica Vasquez

Scissoring - Melanie Scott and Veronica Vasquez

Melanie Scott pairs up with Veronica Vasquez for some eye-popping lesbo sex.  Of course they are scissoring! You can see keeping the running shoes on can provide a better grip!

Cali Carmel & Oasis Star

Scissoring - Cali Carmel and Oasis Star

The insatiable Cali Carmel loves hot girl-on-girl fun. Oasis Star is happy to take part in this lesbian scissor-fest!

Alana Evans & Trinity St Clair

Scissoring - Alana Evans and Trinity  St Clair

Alana Evans knows her way around a pussy! This hardcore diva has no trouble showing Trinity St Clair the ropes. These two get a little carried away while bumping twats! We’ll forgive them…

Ana Foxxx & Lisa Tiffian

Scissoring - Ana Foxxx and Lisa Tiffian

It’s time to get some chocolate booty together for some real scissoring! Ana Foxxx and Lisa Tiffian get right into the action and show us how much fun two horny girls can have.

Monica Sexxxton & Shawna Hill

Scissoring - Monica Sexxxton and Shawna Hill

Monica Sexxxton has that perfect “girl next door” look but don’t let that fool you. Monica goes cruising for some hot tail and Shawna Hill is the perfect candidate! Commence Tribbing!

Candi & Tiffany Holiday

Scissoring - Candi and Tiffany Holiday

Tiffany Holiday and Candi look so hot together! When they get the opportunity it’s right to the good stuff!

Franky Vixen & Eve Tailor

Scissoring - Franky Vixen and Eve Tailor

Franky Vixen has no trouble taking charge! As she grinds away on Eve Tailor‘s sweet puss, Franky take the chance to grab some titty.

Be careful! It can be dangerous when you run with scissors! You might trip face first into a sexy pussy! So do real lesbians engage in actual scissoring? After seeing the photos above, we really don’t care!

How Does Scissoring Work?

Our thanks to all the eager and flexible porn stars out there that work so hard to bring us quality scissoring and hot lesbian porn! Check our most popular lesbian porn videos weekly to keep up with what’s new.

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