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Ryan Rayzer in the hurricane-Note to him- no answer so far

NL-I sent this note to Ryan of yesterday. Have not heard back from him yet…. But He probably has no power.


I am sure this will be your one and only hurricane, and you HAVE to live through it because I don’t want to write ANOTHER Luke Ford site.  So be careful.

When it gets bad stay away from the windows. Go to a room in the center of the house and close yourself in, if there isn’t one with no windows, go in a small bathroom with water, flashlights, medical supplies, blankets and plenty of ALCOHOL, not the kind you clean wounds with, the kind you kill brain cells with.

Enjoy it as much as you can. I hope you and your friends stay safe and calm and ride it out without too much damage to property and no damage to you. Let me know when it’s over so I can breath out. If you need any advice, just ask. I am a freakin’ expert at ’em.


Not Luke

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