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Ryan Rayzer “LIES” about Outbreak Marketing…

Gabriel Fieramosco of Outbreak Marketing writes me-

I feel it is time I spoke up to dispel some of the misconceptions and outright lies recently reported by Ryan Rayzer on his blog at  The following quotes were taken directly from Ryan’s blog.
“Using the porn star’s MySpace account to be all-out spammers”
These bulletins are NOT spam.  They are posted on a public bulletin board where people can choose to read the posts they are interested in and skipping the ones they don’t.  Who has the right to tell anyone what he or she can or cannot post on MySpace?  What real fan would actually get legitimately upset by a MySpace bulletin?  Just skip over it.  Just because you don’t like them doesn’t make it spam.  Last I checked, I didn’t know of any red-blooded male who didn’t like seeing photos of other hot girls. It’s not like we’re directing them to the page of the president of the Bear Club for Men.
“Why are you letting them use your name to help other whores get more MySpace friends?”
“I meant “whore” in the way that the company she hires to manage her MySpace account is whoring out her name to promote other clients of theirs”

Again untrue.  Ashley Lawrence and Wendy Rider are not our clients.  If Ryan bothered to check ANY of his “facts” he would have known this.  They are models with a large MySpace audience and our goal is NOT to drive traffic to their pages, but to drive traffic to our clients.  Do these bulletin trades drive traffic to their pages also?  Of course they do!  Why would they do the trades if there weren’t benefits in it for them.
“What the fuck is in it for you?”
It drives traffic to our client’s pages and increases their ability to reach fans that may not know they are on MySpace and to recruit new fans.  Considering Tera’s friend list has grown over 140,000 friends since we started working on her page, this has clearly been successful.  In the situation where Ashley and Wendy have more friends than Gina and Nina it actually benefits them more than it does Ashley and Wendy.
“I get promoting your friends every once in awhile but when you do it 23 times”

I hardly see how 1 or 2 bulletin posts a day constitutes 23 times.
“These girls are being taken advantage of by this company who posts using their name pretending to be those girls”

Who is being taken advantage of?  We are hired to provide a service, which has increased the traffic to their MySpace pages and websites, and support the marketing of their key projects.  We have done this with great success and our clients are happy with the services we have provided them.
“This just goes to show you how ill informed some stars are about what their “people” are really doing for them.”
All our clients know exactly what we are doing for them and with their pages.
I love Tera Patrick.  I want to keep up with all that she has going on but fuck, I’m so sick of the ADD OUR FRIEND messages.  That’s all you ever get from her MySpace page.”
Again untrue.  You need only to look at Tera’s bulletins posts to see that.
“These three porn stars probably don’t log on to their MySpace account more than once a year themselves.”
Untrue and how would Ryan know when and how often they log into their MySpace pages?
“Nina Mercedez could not be reached for comment on this story”
This is true, because NO attempt to contact Nina was ever made.
“Rumor has it that the company she hired to manage her MySpace page said “I wished they would stop posting untrue stories about us”.  Dude untrue?  Are you really that fucking retarded?”
Does “rumor have it” mean “I completely made this up”?  Being I’ve never discussed this with anyone, who was the source on this quote?  Besides, it is TRUE!  We do post these bulletins trades with the goal of driving traffic to our client’s pages.  Our only opinion on this is that we can’t believe anyone would take up their valuable time getting upset about a MySpace bulletin.  And the ridiculous thing is that it is totally uncalled for. You don’t see me attacking this one or that one because a bunch of “You’re my pet,” or “I just bought you” bulletins.
“What they are actually guilty of is making a bad decision in the company they hire to babysit their MySpace pages.”
Actually we have been quite successful in creating awareness on key projects for our clients and they have seen results in increased website traffic and turn out at live appearances. That alone is an accomplishment in this economy.
“Don’t you think that’s just a little offensive to her die hard fans?”
Other than hateful or insulting posts, who allows themselves to be offended by a MySpace bulletin?
“I want to also point out that a company who claims to be s great at Internet marketing doesn’t have the #1 basic SEO on their own website and that is proper.”
I’m not sure what Ryan means by this one.  Are you saying we don’t offer this service?  Yes, you are correct in the fact that we don’t offer this service. We are a viral marketing company who specialize in social networking sites. There are companies out there that provide other services and people are free to hire them.  It’s just not what we do.  Or are you saying that we don’t use it ourselves?  We appreciate your input on how to market our business, but as a small business the potential benefits are outweighed by the costs. We have survived just fine with word of mouth advertising and the results we have gotten our clients is better than any search engine optimization.
“MySpace whores who clearly don’t give a fuck about their fans?”
All of our clients are very good to their fans, but how does attempting to reach new fans an insult to their current fans?  All in all Ryan we find your “pray for sunshine and kitties” marketing plan for our clients to be severely lacking.
What we are trying to do with our clients is to expose them via bulletin trades with our network of people in adult and beyond. Why would it upset Ryan so much if a girl is trying to expand her fan base or exposure via 1-2 bulletin trades a day? You can easily ignore the one line of text that shows up on the bulletin board if they cause you that much grief. By expansion of “friends,” it opens up possible new revenue sources for our clients and the companies they work with including the ones that probably help pay Ryan’s salary. New friends can purchase things such as web signups, calendar sales, support the movies they have released, support the clubs they dance at. From what we hear it’s tough in adult these days, so I’m sure those who work closely with these girls are grateful that they are trying to help increase revenue.
Perhaps Ryan should spend more time on an issue that deserves his passion, like Darfur or our terrible economy, oh, or how about people who don’t use directional signals.

Unlike Ryan, I am not going to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet.  I can be found at

 Gabriel Fieramosco

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