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Ryan Rayzer on Nina Mercedez

Ryan, my good Buddy,

I had to write you a note because you have me all confused about something.

I read on your site on October 10th that Nina Mercedez, Tera Patrick and Gina Lynn were Myspace Whores. You go on to criticize them and say they are spammers, that they piss off their fans, they are frauds. I’ll admit that when I read that I wasn’t too happy with you calling them “whores”, but to each his own, freedom of speech and all that.

On October 24th, you single out just Mercedez and a company she hired, and call her, among other things,  a dumb ass.

On October 27th, Mercedez husband, Ray,  writes a comment on your site and nicely asks you to cut the shit out.

On November 6th you write a major kiss ass piece on Mercedez and her husband and give them kudos for finding true love.

On November 10th  You write a flowery Happy Birthday message to Mercedez.

Now I have no problem with you being nice to them, I happen to really like Mercedez and Ray and they are a wonderful couple. I know that first hand, not from looking at some pictures.

Here’s what I don’t get. You go from hating the “MySpace Whore” to muah, muah, muah, being madly in love with her.  What happened in between the hate and the love Ryan? What made you do a 180? Right after Ray told you to cut the shit out, all of a sudden you turn into their biggest fan. Hmmmm. Did you see a picture of Ray perhaps? And realize you really didn’t want to run into him at the AVN convention after those mean keyboard warrior articles? I’m just curious.


THESE ARE PARTS OF THE ARTICLES I AM TALKING ABOUT – you can read them all at LukeFord

10.10.08 (this is a clip, original posts are much longer) Today we will discuss the most notorious of all myspace spamming whores and those awards go to


These three are the most spamingest myspace whores there are. But truth is, these three porn stars probably don’t log on to their myspace account more than once a year themselves. What they are actually guilty of is making a bad decision in the company they hire to babysit their myspace pages.
What the fuck is wrong with you?   These are your fans you are defrauding and annoying.

What exactly do you think you are getting out of this relationship?  You are a famous porn star.  Why are you letting them use your name to help other whores get more myspace friends?  What the fuck is in it for you?  You are the famous one.  The only thing you are getting out of this is a reputation for fraud from your fans.

10.24.08 Today Nina Mercedez posted that she wants you to add her friend, Nina Mercedez.  Oh yes I actually just said what you think I said.  Can anyone says Ooops!  Nina Mercedez could not be reached for comment on this story but rumor has it that the company she hired to manage her myspace page said “I wished they would stop posting untrue stories about us”.  Dude untrue?  Are you really that fucking retarded?  You are the dumb asses spamming up myspace.  Maybe if you stop committing fraud, we’ll stop telling people about it.

COMMENT-# raytheasshole Says:
October 27th, 2008 at 3:02 am

This is Raymond Balboa, Nina Mercedez’s husband. Please refrain from the name calling. You calling these girls MYSPACE WHORES…??? Seriously ?? You are the same people that try to shake our hands and give these girls hugs on a red carpet. Without these girls you would not have shit to write about. So please state your opinion and speak your mind but show a little respect. You maybe don’t realize that myspace is for social networking. If you do not like the bulletins then delete Nina, Tera and Gina from your friends and you won’t get them. It is really just that simple. No need for the name calling and shit talking.
Have a great day. Raymond Balboa

11.6.08  I seen a picture on Nina Mercedez’s MySpace profile today that wasn’t her so naturally I clicked her photos to see what was going on. Never really did figure out what was going on and why that photo was up but something did catch my eye and that was photo, personal ones of Nina Mercedez and her husband at various vacation spots.  On their own it wouldn’t have caught my attention but I noticed how close these two really where and in an industry like this one where it’s full of haters and whores, both men and women, it’s nice to see two people actually in love.  So to you miss Nina Mercedez, I may give you shit about the company you work with on your myspace page, but I give you kudos for finding true love and hapiness in a fucked up world.  Through the grapevine I hear you are one hell of a gal so I wish you and your husband all the love and hapiness in the world.

11.10.08  Everyone take a moment to wish Nina Mercedez a very happy birthday.  Seems she’s been the talk of the boards a lot lately but we here at Luke Ford, do wish her the very best birthday wishes.




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