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Ryan Rayzer trashes Mercedez, AGAIN.

First Ryan wrote about how Mercedez was a Myspace whore. Then he wished her a Happy Birthday. Then he wrote about how wonderful it was that Mercedez and Ray had such a special love for each other. Now he is accusing Mercedez of copyright infringement.  Seems like Ryan is obsessed with Mercedez, and a bit bi-polar at the same time. Ryan, you love her, you hate her, you love her, you hate her.

Mercedez writes me-

So Ryan Rayzer posted a new blog trash talking me again. Yesterday I assume he got bored and reported about how I am infringing on the Name “LIFESIZE BARBIE.” 

Where is this bullshit coming from you may ask? Well I do bulletin trades with Adrianna and yesterday I posted her PRE MADE bulletin SHE MADE FOR ME TO POST!

If Ryan had a clue he would have noticed it is the same exact bulletin everyone sends out not just me. I didn’t make the fucking thing for her! and I don’t run her fucking career so I could care less what she calls herself! All I know is she is a very nice girl and I email her often so we trade bulletins.

But Ryan Rayzer wants to accuse ME personally of copyright infringement….WTF is wrong with you Ryan? Find something of substance to talk about! Help the industry and the readers by educating yourself before you report on something. How about getting the facts for a change. I am available 24/7 if it helps make your blog accurate.

If all your articles are this inaccurate on facts people may stop reading your blog, think about it!!!



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