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Rylee Rabbit Joins Marcela Alonso’s #HaltSocialMediaCensorship Doc Fundraiser

Rylee Rabbit, model, performer and podcast host of Down The Rabbit Hole has joined Marcela Alonso’s Indiegogo fundraiser for the documentary #HaltSocialMediaCensorship speaking about how the discrimination of adult industry performers effects their ability to make a living when social media pages get shut down without cause.


“I don’t think people realize how crushing this can be,” says Rabbit. “All of my buying power is gone when my pages get taken away. The second time I lost a page I didn’t want to get out of bed. All of that time and money I invested, everything gone and I have to start over again.”


“My film Halt Social Media Censorship’s purpose is to tell unique stories of social media censorship and the impact it has on your ability to earn a living,” says Marcela Alonso. “These big tech companies will not hesitate to remove you from their platform if you violate their terms of service. However, how many people are aware of the restrictions that govern joining and being part of the social media machine. I hope to highlight, propel, and discuss issues around running a business through social media.”


Marcela is looking to raise 10K and the funds will be going to editing, filming, securing locations, travel, host expenses and submissions to various film festivals. While the issue of censorship heavily affects the adult industry, Marcela also plans on interviewing relevant and prominent mainstream figures and entertainers who have not only felt the sting of social media deletion, but are also experts on the topic of free speech.

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