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Sadie West Talks about her Sex Scenes

(An excerpt from an interview I did with New Sensation’s new contract girl, Sadie West, for current issue of Xcitement’s 411 Magazine. You can read the whole thing and see the naked pictures here


AF: And you got paid to have sex with Ashlynn Brooke. You know how many people would pay big bucks for that?
S: I know. Even I would! But I didn’t have to fortunately.
AF: What was the first scene that you did?
S: It was with Kira Lynn. I was really nervous, but she made it easier. She was really cool. Do you know who she is?
AF: No.
S: She’s a cute girl. She has a big ass and that’s the one thing that stands out for me. She does a lot of interracial films because her ass is so nice.
AF: And then you were in the big movie Hearts & Minds 2. How did you like that?
S: That was really fun. That was interesting because that was the feature that I did for the first time. I got along really well with Jack Lawrence and we did well together. It was the first time I met Ashlynn. I was kind of nervous. But my scene was with Jack Lawrence.
AF: Did you have dialog in Hearts & Minds?
S: No, I just had sex. I haven’t done dialog yet. That’s going to be interesting. It will be fun though.
AF: So tell me about your sex scene with Jack. How did you like having sex with an older man?
S: To tell you the truth I have always been attracted to older men, just because of their wisdom and intelligence they are very sexy, as opposed to a guy my age that’s not so experienced.
AF: So what did you think of Jack?
S: I thought he was amazing. I sat down and had a two-hour conversation with him before we performed so that was really cool. He is such an intelligent amazing guy. I haven’t sat down and had a conversation with such a person in a really long time. It created an attraction. It really did. I think our scene came out well. We just felt a vibe. There was a positive energy. We were both on the same level.
AF: So tell me about your scene.
S: It was really hot that day. Like a hundred and twenty degrees out. And I was in a garage and our scene was on top of a car and I was slipping off so that was kind of a bitch, but otherwise it was really fun.
AF: Didn’t you burn your ass on the car?
S: No, I was in the shade, but the sweat turned into full on water that got all over the car and made it slippery.
AF: On a scale of one to ten what would you give Jack?
S: Ten.
AF: So a few months later you did a scene with Ashlynn Brooke.
S: Yes. We did bang out a good scene.
AF: So tell me about the scene with Ashlynn.
S: We did it in a studio set in a bed. I was the maid, and I was poor and homeless and she was a rich woman with diamonds. I was cleaning her room and she came in and caught me going through her diamonds and stuff. And then I tried on her lingerie and then we had sex on the bed. We did improv it was funny. I had a fun day that day. I really liked getting to know her. It was exciting to think what the scene would look like.
AF: So were you forced to eat Ashlynn’s pussy?
S: I wasn’t forced.
AF: (laughs) I’m kidding.
S: She has a nice pussy so I was going to eat it anyway. Because sometimes when I am in a scene and a girl has a beat up pussy, I get nervous and think I’m going to have to do a little digging. (laughs)
AF: But Ashlynn looks pretty good.
S: Oh yeah, Ashlynn was really good. She’s cool. She’s faithful to the company. She teaches me to be faithful to the company. We both give each other feedback. She’s a good person.
AF: Were you pretty wild before you got into porn?
S: Yeah. Well I always had it hidden within me.
AF: What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex in your private life?
S: In the back of a bar with the bartender when he was on his break. It was exciting and anyone could walk out and see us any minute.
AF: If you could design your own sex scene where, what and who would it be?
S: It would be in a biker bar, because I am really into bikers. As far as who would be in it, I really don’t know. I don’t know a lot of porn stars.

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