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Sal Sodano Passed Away

Veteran Adult Cameraman/Sound Tech Sal Sodano Dies
He helped found VOD site

 Posted Dec 29th 2009 03:14PM by Mark Kernes

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Sal Sodano, a 40-year veteran of the adult industry, died today of complications from lung cancer and emphysema at the age of 72. Sodano was, at various times, a cinematographer, sound editor and self-taught web programmer, who worked for such companies as Sunshine Films and Gotham Gold well into his late 60s, often without credit, on both adult and mainstream projects.

“He worked more on X-rated; a few forays into mainstream, but more of it was in the world of porn,” said Tory LaBarbera of “When I was at the show with him in Vegas, all the old-timers knew him.”

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