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Samantha Sterlyng Faces Cancer

She writes on TER:

I have debated on whether or not to make a post but I feel that it is something that I want to share with you: I am having my second surgery on Friday August 10th for ovarian cysts (1 of which has a high possibility of being cancerous and is rare in women under 50) which is also complicated by Endometriosis- a disease of the female reproductive organs which causes pain, painful intercourse and possible infertility all due to scar tissue formation. I am sharing this with you because it seals my fate and now guarantees my return to the business will be short lived…..Many of you have been asking how you can help so I wanted to post this information for those who were asking: Paypal donations can be made to [email protected] and Blank Money Orders can be sent to PO Box 657 Shepherdstown Wv 25443. I want to thank all of you for your support over the past few years. It has been my pleasure to meet some of you! You can also support me with clip purchases or posters…

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