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San Diego’s racy (and pricey) Ivy Hotel and other hot spots are offering guests more than just pillow mints

From The Los Angeles Times:

Julie Albright, who teaches classes on human sexuality and social psychology at USC, says easy access to sexual messages and images has shifted the bounds of what’s considered socially acceptable.

“It’s the pornification of mainstream society,” she said. “There’s more overt sexuality in our media, on television. More people have cable TV. More people are on the Internet.”

….Sociologist Albright calls places like the Ivy “a recipe for infidelity.” Studies have shown that businessmen who earn more than $75,000 a year and whose jobs take them out of town are more likely to cheat, said Albright, who is studying men who pursue multiple relationships for sex, money or status.

The same demographic tends to eschew hard drugs and heavy gambling but embraces recreational views of sex.

“It’s the one area where they allow themselves to be hedonistic,” she said. “In the privacy of their hotel rooms is their chance to cut loose, unbutton the buttoned-up oxford shirt.”

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