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Sandra Shine- Exclusive Interview- Part 2- Two women’s bodys look so sexy…

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X: What is your favorite place in the U.S.? Why?
S: Didn’t see much but I like LA. Its so various it has everything. I haven’t seen NY but maybe one day.
X: What is different about American people and Hungarian people?
S: Americans happier about their life. They smile much more. But I might be wrong.
X: How did you learn to speak English?
S: It’s a funny story. I learned German in school for long years and I did very well in it. In high school I started this business and figured out that most people didn’t speak German. I took a dictionary and started to listen to the words of songs on the radio. I even had a few Guns N Roses songbooks so I translated them. That’s it. I picked it up very easily. Right before graduating in high school we had an exam in German and I could hardly speak it as all the words came out in English instead!
X: When you dream, do you dream in Hungarian or English?
S: If I use English a lot then English. First time in US I dreamed English after the 3 rd night spending there. I found it very funny. I even think English a lot of times even staying in Hungary.
X: I see you like to travel to festivals and theme parks like Walt Disney World. What is your favorite event to attend? Have you ever done anything sexy at some of these events? Tell us about it.
S: Ehhehe, yes I love theme parks. My favorite one is Six Flags Magic Mountains in California. They have the wildest rides I even had a season pass and went there whenever I had time. The Disney Park is one of my favorites. I guess there is a child in all of us. I guess I am still one. My favorite in the park is Terror Tower
X: Have you ever had sex on an airplane?
S: Umm, yes in the lavatory. You know overseas trips are long. Its a great and exciting way of spending time!
X: At an amusement park?
S: Umm, yes I love exciting places.. Hehe it was after a party and couple of times during walking around…
X: At the movies?
S: Of course especially when the movie isn’t that interesting. I always book the seats in the last row. Who knows, right?
X: How many movies have you done know?
S: I don’t really count them I am sure there is a list of that somewhere.
X: (The list I have shows about 100) Which is your favorite and why?
S: To be honest I don’t watch them much. I’d rather create them. It’s much more fun for sure. I enjoyed pretty much all of them. The best are the ones I did for my site as I could do whatever I liked with the right girls, right lingerie and dildos …..
X: If your fans could only see one of your sex scenes, which one would you want them to watch and why?
S: That’s a very hard thing to tell. It’s always very hard to choose one. I recently shot with Anita Pearl. She is a cute Hungarian babe and we had LOTS of fun at the shooting. You can see it on my site.
X: Do you watch your own movies? Does it turn you on to watch yourself?
S: Sure I can but I don’t enjoy it the way others might. I am very critical to myself and always focus on the little mistakes, errors and all that.
X: Have you ever had sex with a guy in a movie?
S: Yes once for Playboy TV but it was such a new experience that I couldn’t enjoy it at all. I better stay with girls. I am more confident with them. Two women’s body look so sexy to me. That’s such a turn on.
X: Who are your favorite adult stars and why?
S: I have never worked with Tera Patrick or Jenna Jameson. Its a shame as I like them both a lot. Can’t tell why, their look is just very sexy to me. I read Jenna’s book and that helped to get to know her more.
X: I notice in your video clips that there were foot fetish/stockings and tease ones. Do you have any fetishes? What kind of kinky sex do you like best?
S: Yes you got that perfectly. I have a fetish for beautiful and sexy lingerie and feet. It makes me feel sexy wearing them, as well as high heels. It’s an instant turn-on for me. And having a beautiful girl in the same stuff that’s just perfect. I don’t know where that comes from but I enjoy it a lot.
X: You make custom videos for your fans. Can you tell me about the most bizarre one you have made?
S: Yes I get lots of requests and its nice to know what makes certain people hot. The most bizarre one was to have a video on my period, and at the end pull it out and pee on it. I did it.
X: Tell me about all the sexy things we can find on your site.
S: Besides the high quality and 100% exclusive sex content of me and my girlfriends I keep it very personal. I frequently post picture and video diaries so they can follow up with me daily. I have my fun stuff section where I post my travel videos and I basically bring my camera everywhere just in case something interesting happens. I post backstage picture galleries and videos of all the updates so people can look behind the scenes and see what’s happening when the main camera isn’t rolling. People seem to enjoy the backstage and the fun stuff section the most. I also post pornstar interv iews as well so members can get to know them too. I have my free public forum where I chat with them everyday. It’s a nice community where they spend quality time on. I also do custom videos where trying to fulfill the personal requests.
X: You have four websites, Could you tell me about each one?
S: is my official website that was launched in 2005. That’s the one I described above. is my archive website where I collected all of my earlier content so you can follow my whole career there. Its actually sometimes very funny how I looked 10 years ago. I have my very first video there too. I add new ones still. is my babes site where I post the hottest Hungarian girls getting naughty. Its 100 % exclusive solo, lesbian and hardcore scenes and images. There is a huge amount of backstage stuff posted there, as well as making it possible to get to know the girls and the industry more. There are also video interviews with the girls. Its a fresh colorful website. is a place for erotica lovers. I’d like to show the women’s beauty thru that site. I have a few girls take off their clothes who have a regular job and never done anything like this before.
X: You have a modeling agency. If someone in the US wanted to book girls in Hungary to shoot movies, how would they do it?
S: Its where the clients have to register first, then they can see the models and locations I have. They select their desired models write me an e-mail and we discuss details. I can organize them the whole thing. I can provide models, locations, make-up artist, assistance they can rent cameras and equipments…
X: What American company have you liked working for the best? Why?
S: My favorites are Suze Randall ( I remember I was out there the first time and she shot me in solo. I never forget her standing on the ladder saying “Come on you naughty little bitch give me that look, show me you wanna fuck me!” She is a fun person to shoot with. My other big favorite is Stephen Hicks. I just love his pictures and videos. He knows how to show the women the best erotic way. He is a sweet person, very professional…
X: Tell me an American food that you love and one that you hate.
S: I am an food-addict! I loved everything there. American food, Mexican food. I love huge burgers of all kinds. I think I tried all brands. I once counted all the brands I ate in and it was above 20!
There isn’t anything I hated. All from the burgers, apple pies, brownies and ice-creams are welcome!
X: What do you eat in Hungary that you miss when you come to America?
S: My mom is an excellent cook. I missed her food a lot but since American food was so good it was ok. I eat pretty much everything. I don’t like pork though. I like it if the food is spicy a bit.
X: What is your unfulfilled fantasy? Tell me all the sexy details…..
S: My fantasy is to have sex with a stranger. Doesn’t matter girl or boy. I am pulled up on the wall and have a quick but intensive sex. Once I had this with a girl so I am now looking for a male partner who would be interested.
X: If YOU could have someone make YOU a custom video, who would it be and what would you have them doing?
S: Hehe, that’s a VERY good question… I would probably ask Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do me a custom sex scene. OMG that would be kicking ass! Oh that made me hot already.  How will I type with sticky fingers?
X: What do you think about when you masturbate?
S: Its a funny thing. I sometimes fantasize about the sex with the stranger thing, but many times I just imagine a pussy in close-up to be licked or fucked… That makes it for me.
X: What is your favorite sex toy?
S: Pocket Rocket. That’s the best of all so this is a message to all the women in the planet, if you have never tried it you have to!
X: What are the most people you have had sex with at the same time? When & Where ?
S: I guess this is a question about experiences off camera. It was a foursome with two couples. Two men and two women. It happened after a party so there were not much taboos. I met them at a party so we can call it sex with strangers. We did it for about six hours. It was fabulous. It was at their place in Hungary a few years ago.
X: Is there such a thing as Hungarian Goulash? What is actually in it?
S: Yes my Mom makes it the best way! Its a spicy meat soup with lots of veggies.. Yummy
X: When are you coming to the U.S. again? For what?
S: I am not sure right now I am pretty busy with my sites and projects. I will definitely let you know.
X: I hear you have a Penthouse record?
S: I did US Penthouse Pet two times which is a record for sure. 2002 February and 2005 August. I made all of the magazines on the cover.
Penthouse, Hustler, Perfect10, Club, Mayfair and more.
X: What is your favorite thing about having fans?
S: That every time I turn on my computers and read the sweet fan messages I get cheered up. I have tons of cards at X-mas. They give me a lot of support and kindness.
X: What is the funniest or weirdest thing that a fan has ever done to you?
S: He sent me pictures of his toes and asked me what would I do with them.
X: Do you get recognized when you go out in public?
S: Yes sometimes but people are usually too shy to come up and talk to me. But sometimes they do and it feels good.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
S: Yes thanks for you all for your sweetness! I love you all !!! Thanks so much I enjoyed answering these cool questions

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