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Sara Sloane- Exclusive Interview- pt 2- “It is the f*king I am there for.


Interview By Cindi Loftus
 Photos By Zero Tolerance
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Part one is here


Sara: I also did this really hot scene with Michael Stefano for Shot Glasses 3.

X: I love Michael Stefano.
 S: Oh my god, so do I. He is so amazing. I’ve seen him in earlier porn as Luciano. So I had fantasized about him before. So when I first met him in person it was intimidating.

X: He’s a tough guy too, I like that.
  S: Me too. So that was one of my most recent ones.

X: Mike Stefano was a recent one? I haven’t heard of him being in a scene in a while.
  S: One of the perks of being with ZT is that I can request talent. So I was thrilled to have him.

X: Was it gonzo? What there a wrap around? A story line?
  S: It was gonzo. The story was that I was a horny girl with glasses that had a very strong urge to have a load dropped on them. I wore my glasses the whole scene, it was fun. If you have a eye-glass fetish or you like that thing then that would be for you.

X: Was he dominant in your scene?
  S: You know it was a mutual domination. He wasn’t completely dominating me, but it was a give and take, and hardcore stuff. It was hot.

X: I bet. Oh, I wanted to ask you, I noticed that you don’t have a New York accent, but did you have one when you did the parody movie Jersey Shore?
  S: I did. I liked it. I got to be a total obnoxious guidette. Over pronounced everything. I had the hand motions, everything.

X: Come on talk Jersey to me!
 S: Cindi Ya wah me ta tawk Jerzee to ya, forgetabout it, yer bustin my balls ova here.

X: (Laughs) I knew you could do it!
  S: Only for you.

X: Did you like doing Jersey shore? There must have been a lot of acting in that. Do you like that acting part of porn?  S: I do. I like it. I didn’t get into porn to be an actress, which is fine. But it is fun to play around with different roles and characters, but at the end of the day…

X: It’s the fucking you are there for.
  S: Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better. It is the fucking I am there for.

X: And did one of my all time favorite directors Mike Quasar direct Jersey Shore?
  S: Yes he did. Mike was there the entire time, morning to night every day, making jokes, making the day awesome and doing what he does best, holding the camera.

X: Now it’s time for you to write a movie. I can see you being a cowgirl or being in a motorcycle gang. I would like to see you in a tough girl role. What would you like to be?
  S: I would totally be down for that. I would pick an Alias, like Jennifer Garner, like the CIA, where I get to dress up and be a different chick every day, but the same girl. Pull off secret operations…

X: A tough spy that knows karate.
 S: Yes!

X: Who haven’t you had that you would like too?
 S: There are so many girls. I am such a lesbian.

X: That is not a bad thing. I’ve seen you flirting on twitter. Who do you like to flirt with?
  S: Phoenix Marie is my favorite to flirt with. I love that girl she is amazing. Kagney, of course, I always flirt with her on Twitter. Courtney, I have the hottest contract girls in the biz.

X: Now who do you want “to do” ?  S: Who do I not want? I want Raylene. I want Tabitha Stevens. I want Dyanna Lauren.

X: You like older women don’t you?  S: I love MILFS. There is something about an experienced woman that really puts me in my place.

X: You want to be submissive.
  S: I am totally. I did this movie for 3rd Degree called All About Sara Sloane and I was able to pick my cast. I had Raylene, Francesca Le’, Ann Marie Rios, Phoenix Marie, Kristina Rose. And at that point I hadn’t worked with Kristina or Phoenix one on one so that was super awesome to have them be part of this project. Pat Myne was the director but it was great because he asked me how I wanted the scenes to go down. I noticed that a lot of the chicks I picked were Latin MILFS

X: Latin MILFs, Nina Mercedez, Alexis Amore. You are making me horny talking to you.
S: You are making ME horny, I’ll be honest.

X: Speaking of horny, lets talk about sleazy Mark Wood!
S: Oh I love this!

X: I talked to Tab (Tabitha Stevens) last night and she said we have to talk about Sanatorium because it is such a good movie. You play a high-end escort and Mark was a sleazy creepy dirty lawyer. So tell me about Sanatorium.
 S: Here is the in a nutshell version. Tab is the main character and she has sexual fantasies that Kagney and I portray. The innocence portrayed by Kagney and the more sneaky side, played by myself. My scene with Mark was different from what I am used to.

X: What was so different?
 S: Before we got into the sex, we shot a little bit of intro. Mark had a line and I had a line. And it wasn’t really the words, it was more in how I acted and more in how I said it. The character I played was more sly and manipulative, up to no good, using her sexuality as power. That was what was different for me, rather than just being horny and wanting to conquer the dick, but of course those aspects are there but at the same time it was a way for me to show a different perspective of myself.

X: And how did you like it?
  S: I loved it. It was awesome. And Gary Orona is an amazing director. He explains his shots and what he wants, and Mike does this too, he paints a picture, so you know what they want. I can’t wait to see the movie.


X: Sounds good. It comes out September 7th. I want to see it too. ZT does the most beautiful boxcovers and Sanatorium is gorgeous. Of course I researched you to do our interview. I read something very odd about you. You masturbated to Jay Leno?
S: This is a true thing…

X: And I also read you masturbated to Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.
S: I like funny men, Cindi, you know, you understand it. When I was younger I saw a picture of Jay Leno in the newspaper and he looked extremely handsome so I used it as material.

X: Jay seems to like porn stars, if he reads this about you he is going to ask you come on his show. I have to say that you have to be one of the few or only female porn stars that has ever jerked off to Jay Leno. It seems as if you have always been looking for a comic male figure in your life. (Laughs)
S: Exactly I was always looking for a comic male figure. If I knew I was going to meet Mike Quasar in a few years I would have held off.

X: Mike is sexy because he is so funny. Back to our news crew. You want to be DP’d by Jon Steward and Steven Colbart?
S: And I’ll tell you why, laughter is the way to my butthole. I’m not anti anal, but I really believe in the chemistry of a partner. I don’t just have anal sex with anyone. I’m preparing to do it for my new Interactive movie. But in my personal life I need to be so turned on, so comfortable so loving the guy. I usually watch Jon Steward, and I just had this strong sense of I just want him and Steven to DP me.

X: Who gets the ass? 
S: I’d give Jon the ass. We could switch though. I am open.

X: What do you think of Obama? 
S: I gotta be honest I really don’t believe in politics.

X: I was more asking you, like what do you think of Obama, as in fucking him.
S: I’d fuck that president.

X: I’d like him and Michelle. I really like them as a couple
 S: Michelle is hotter than Obama! They are a power couple.

X: Bill Clinton is older, but has this vulnerability that ain’t bad either.
S: Bill would have gotten a blow-job from me for sure. I’m a Jewish girl that likes to suck dick.

X: (Laughs)
 S: Me and Monica, we have a couple things in common.

X: (singing) Let’s talk about sex
 S: (singing) Baby

X: Anal. Have you done a lot of anal scenes?
 S: I have not.

X: Have you done anal scenes for ZT yet?
 S: I have. My first one for ZT was Sexual Harassment. It was a fun time. I played an overzealous boss who took advantage of my employees, in this case it was Alex Gonz and he fucked me in the butt. It was actually pretty hot.

X: You are also going to do anal for your Interactive movie too.
 S: Yes I am. I am currently warming myself up with glass dildoes courtesy of Kelly Devine and Phoenix Marie. I will make them very proud. I am excited about shooting it and my fans are also. Them looking forward to it makes me look forward to it. I honestly can’t wait.

X: You are going to shoot a parody of Wife Swap also. Now I hate that show, but I am sure the movie will be good.
S: You are not alone, I don’t enjoy that show either. But I enjoy making fun of things so this will be one of those projects. I will be shooting that with Anthony Rosano, and Rob Spallone plays my husband.

X: Him I would marry if I wasn’t married, I love Rob Spallone! There’s a New York accent for you. Okay, now I will watch the Wife Swap parody just because you and Rob are going to be in it. What did we not talk about that we should promote? You are having a website built right now, correct?
 S: I am getting some web action up and running. I’ve been collecting content over the last couple years and I will be shooting more with Kagney and Courtney as well. So we will have some sexy scenes up for ZT girls. I’m not sure of the name of my site yet. I’ll let you know. I will be at the New Jersey Expo in November. Definitely be at AVN in January. There is a lot to look forward to. You can always find me on Twitter.

X: Do you have a message for your fans? 
S: I love you guys. Thank you for your support. You are the reason I do what I do and I’m very thankful. Thank you!

you can read the whole interview and see the sexy naked layout at

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