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Sarah Jessie Interview

I call Sarah Jessie (MySpace) Tuesday evening, Aug. 7. She’s recovering from a nose job.

Sarah: “I had it about two weeks ago. It’s still really swollen. I still have black eyes.

“I had a bump on the bridge of my nose. I got that taken off and I got it a little shorter.”

Sarah had her breasts done a year ago, moving from a 34B to a 34C. “I lived in Australia for four years. I was working at a strip club. You make more money, that’s for sure.”

Luke: “How did it affect your self-image and your self-esteem?”

Sarah: “Is this like an interview or are you just like asking questions?”

Luke: “It’s an interview.”

Sarah: “OK. Definitely. It made me feel better. I think my nose will too. People say, ‘You don’t need a nose job. There’s nothing wrong with it.’ Just tell me it was so I know I did a good thing.”

Jessie says she got a Business degree in Australia and also studied Beauty Therapy and Make-Up. “I was with my boyfriend. I had to keep going to school to stay there. And I was working at a strip club. Then I decided I didn’t want to be there anymore. I wanted to do porn. I had to come to California to do it.”

“I loved my friends [in Australia]. They were good real people, not fake like sometimes you meet here. The culture was cool. But it wasn’t my home.”

Sarah grew up in Detroit. She did her last year of high school at home “because I didn’t like the school. The school sucks. Detroit sucks. I didn’t like people telling me what to do.”

“I hung out with the skater guys.”

We resume the interview Wednesday afternoon.

Luke: “Do people get scared when they see you?”

Sarah: “It’s not scary.”

She says that as a kid she wanted to be grow up to be a background dancer in music videos.

“My parents are hippies. They’re free-spirited. My dad shoots underground fetish porn. His company is called Dungeons & Maidens.”

Luke: “Do you ever work for him?”

Sarah: “No. I don’t even talk about it with him. We get along good. He doesn’t mind what I do.”

“The only thing I don’t like [about porn] is that sometimes you have to f— guys you’re not attracted to.”

“I wish I had started porn a couple of years ago so that I would be bigger now.”

“What do I love about it? That I get to do what I want and I don’t have to answer to anybody.”

Jessie did her first scene June 10. She’s done six since. “My friends think it’s hot.”

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