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Sarah Russi Busts Out Anew in 2022 with New Scenes, New Co-Stars and New Appearance

(New York, NY) — With every New Year comes a clean slate, and Sarah Russi is making good on that promise with a fresh start – in the industry, her life and on the journey ahead in 2022.

Newly single after a long-term relationship with ‘70s pop culture icon Mason Reese, the model, content creator and tabloid favorite (see: The Sun, Daily Mail, Page Six, The Mirror) is fully embracing the ‘New Year, New You’ vibe with a whole lot of life changes and adventures on the horizon: a move to New York City, a sassy blonde/pink hair color, a few plastic surgery tweaks and fresh girl/girl scenes on her OnlyFans page.

“While I have absolutely no regrets about the road I’ve taken over the past few years – it’s brought me here to this amazing place in my life – and now I’m ready to explore the next chapter of my life,” says Russi.

That chapter includes producing more content with new performers at the enthusiastic request of her growing fan base, her most recent onscreen co-star being Sassee Cassee, the self-described ‘World’s Smallest Entertainer’ at 2’10”. “I have a thing for little people and love working with them!”

Russi is also open about the tweaks she’s made to her face to boost her self-confidence: “I post photos of myself at the aesthetician’s office on my Instagram; I’ve spent roughly around $5,000 over the past two years on my lips, eyes, cheeks, nose, brow and forehead and I’ve been so happy with the results that I will be going back for more injections – and maybe a breast enhancement is in my future!”

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