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Sasha Brand- Bankrupt, Lawsuits, restraining order, no job-Needs Help

From Sasha Brand’s

October 30, 2009 – Friday

Sasha Brand NEEDS Help

My ex-husband has driven me into bankruptcy with continuous, frivilous court filings and monthly family court appearances.  My lawyer is awesome, but costs $350 per hour!  My ex, Eric, learned that I was working as a part time porn actress and has launched a full scale assault.

He is attempting to take my children away to no avail.  However, that battle is costing around $2,000.  He is now seeking a Domestic Violence Restraining Order because I dare mention my opinions of him on MySpace and Twitter.  Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment right to free speech. 

To make matters worse, my ex has teamed up with my husband’s ex-wife to disclose all the details about my porn work to his employer (a law enforcement agency).  They have just fired him after 19 years of SPOTLESS service, including an Officer of the Year award in 1998.  That is costing us his $94,000 a year salary along with our health benefits.  My children and I could be homeless in the near future.  My husband has several medical issues and without insurance, he is looking at a much shortened life span. 

All of this trouble from our ex’s because we love each other and I dare to share my beatuful body with wonderful people who appreciate it.  I am interested to find out if there are enough people to donate to a legal defense and living expense fun.  It can be any amount, form $1.00 to any amount you wish to donate.  We have four children living at home and hope to have a home for them to live in.  For a $25.00 donation, I will send a personally autographed picture. 

For now, I just need to judge whether there is enough people who are willing to help me and my family.  By the way, my husband could have retired in less than a year. Now, I don’t even know if he will be alive in a year.  Any help would be appreciated. If there is enough interest, Iwill open a special bank account.

Please, please help me and my family.  I love performing for you and want to continue, but the industry is so damn slow now.  We are soon to be homeless I am afraid.  Please help me.

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