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Sasha Grey Starts Agency

According to AVN, performer Sasha Grey has decided to represent herself and start her own agency called LA Factory Girls. In the article no mention is made of Grey’s former agent Mark Spiegler. Grey is still listed on his site.

Did Grey and Spiegler have a falling out?

Update: Male performer, Christian, writes the following on his blog:

It seems my friend Sasha Grey is starting her own talent agency. Although it really looks like she just wants to represent herself. Not sure as to any of the details, but I will say this. I disagree with her initial press release. Not once did she mention Spiegler’s name or thank him at all. This is a girl who was booked months in advance, and Mark organized all of her shoots. Then when she had major medical problems, Mark not only kept the faith, but helped deflect any problems, and additionally got her back in the game when she was healed up. I realize that agents are there to make money, but Mark treated Sasha with kid gloves and A TON of special treatment (which is the correct way to treat a major superstar performer like Sasha). Not sure of any of the specifics, but I just wanted to throw that out there about the job Mark did.

Christian makes a reference to health problems that Sasha has suffered. I’ve heard from other people in the business that she has health problems, but I’ve never clearly been told what theses problems are. One producer even told me that she allegedly can’t work right now due to these health problems.

What kind of health problems is Sasha facing? Is it due to performing or is it something that she has been dealing with prior to her entrance into the adult industry?

RedClayFH posts the following on ADT:

I know Sasha recently had a non-contagious strain of HPV (anal warts). Maybe he (Christian) was referring to that.

I reported back in January of ’07 that Sasha had a case of anal warts, but that she was treated. Can anal warts last this long or does Sasha have an extreme form of them? I’m a little surprised that this medical issue people keep talking about would be the HPV back from January of 2007.

As of March 18th, Sasha is no longer on Spiegler’s Website

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