Sassy Old Folks Check Out Dildos

Sassy Old Folks Review Dildos

The sassy old folks are back at it again and this time they have some fun with dildos. Don’t worry, when we say “have some fun” we’re not talking insertions! Reviewing the sex toys today are Honest John, Deloor James, Myles Cranford, Rhonda and Joyce.

The first toy is a dildo marketed as FleshJackBoys. Honest John lets us know that it’s not just a regular dick but Brent Corrigan’s dick. Rhonda and Joyce describe it as being heavy but the best is when Joyce says, “this would be work.” 

The length from base to tip is 8.75 inches- including balls and the color “is what it is.” Of course porn star penis is always supersized and out of this world.

The next sex toy they review is the zombie dick! it is exactly what it sounds like. The best commentary is between Joyce and Rhonda. Joyce thinks it looks like art but according to Rhonda it’s not decorative. I wish they would have packed some colorful zombie dicks into that box because the rainbow ones really make it and the old people would have gotten a kick out of it.

Now it’s getting from bad to worst. Their last sex toy they review is the limp dicks Fleshlight sells. They’re used more as packers but of course these classic old folk don’t know that and the commentary is golden. They comment on how floppy they are and the fact that finally they’re getting some dicks in a range of colors.. other than zombie colored? I think that someone is going to making a few online purchases from the Fleshlight factory.

Dildo Fight!

In the previous video this same group of elderly sex toy reviewers took a look at leading Fleshlight strokers. Be sure to check it out for yourself.

Not enough sex toy talk? Of course not! Let’s keep the fun going!. Enjoy some of our solo girls putting sex toys to use and imagine these same old folks reviewing that.

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