Sassy Old Folks Check Out Fleshlights

Sassy Old Folks CHeck Out Fleshlights

If you’ve been on our blog long enough you know that we’ve been inside the Fleshlight factory to see how their made and now the next step after a products comes out is to review it. Watch sassy old people team up with All Def Digital to review Fleshlight products.

Reviewing the products are Rhonda, Joyce, Honest John, Deloor James and Myles Cranford.

Watch the video below to see the real expressions and reactions to fleshlight products by sassy old people. They don’t disappoint.

The first fleshlight they review is your standard hidden in a beer can “Lady Lager” flesh light. According to Honest John, “The reason it comes in a can is so that you can bring it anywhere and people will just think you brought a drink with you and won’t know what kind of pervy motherfucker you are.” Deloor James is not afraid to get up in there though.

Sassy Old Folks Check Out Fleshlights

Next they’re moving away from beer and onto Jack’s Cherry Pop which is a little tighter than the Lady Lager. It’s a butthole so they assume it’s for gay sex except for Joyce who doesn’t remember her virgin years because she thinks it’s a super tight, untouched, virgin pussy.

Lastly an original style fleshlight made from the mold of Lisa Ann’s “anatomy”. Rhonda thinks that Lisa Ann is making millions selling molds of her vagina. Meanwhile Delour James says that it is grounds for divorce in his household. The best though is Joyce who claims she would never have a mold of her “anatomy” made  but we’re thinking otherwise.

Now that the funny stuff is over, why not grab your own fleshlight and check out these videos below:

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Also, check out some more sex toy news about porn diva Lisa Ann holding the first ever virtual gang bang. Sounds crazy, right? It definitely will be… in the best way possible of course!

Do you have a favorite type of stroker? Do you prefer Fleshlights over other brands? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter @worldsbestporn

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