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Savana Switzer Response to Tina Tyler on Marc Wallace

Savana Switzer tells what she thinks of Tina Tyler’s blog on Marc Wallace on

Savana’s writing has been shortened here. You can read the whole thing at Rog’s site.

Savana Switzer writes-

…There’s little doubt that Marc Wallice made a mistake, as humans are apt to do. The only thing the remains in question, a decade later, is to what extent he knowingly committed these mistakes. Wallice’s situation ultimately partitions down to a black-and-white situation of either performing while he was knowingly infected or negligently worked without an updated test. There is no doubt that some responsibility falls on to the shoulders of the higher-ups, including Sharon Mitchell, who has since admitted culpability. But one has to wonder why Wallice, who previously had a track record of frequent, responsible testing, suddenly stopped being that way in the mid-90’s, and why he started going to a different clinic than his co-stars. It certainly smacks of the possibility that he discovered elsewhere the reality of his status, and went to considerable lengths to keep his status hidden so as not to hurt his career. Unfortunately for Wallice, appearances are very damning.

Sexism plays a major role in why Wallice is allowed to work, while all but one of his victims has been removed from the industry. “Victims” probably seems a super-charged word, but it should be. Testing is the one protection talents have from the biggest threat to their lives as a result of their occupations, and when tests started coming back positive, Brooke Ashley and Tricia Devereaux took the worst of it. They were judged for their outside conduct, when the real culprit was Wallice. It was his outside activities that infected him, and in turn, infected several more actresses. Devereaux has continued to work, thankfully, and remains a pillar of female empowerment in the industry. Along with the likes of Nina Hartley and Samantha Lewis, she made be one of the few women who can turn this industry on its’ ear and force a better treatment of women everywhere. But Ashley, Caroline and Kimberly Jade have fallen off the radar–why isn’t the very industry that put them at risk falling all over itself to offer them compensatory employment, the way it has Wallice?

The fact that Wallice continues to work in an industry he compromised is a travesty. Some have argued that if he were editing movies, it would be acceptable. Not to me, and I bet not to any of the women he infected. He broke a sacred trust, and whether it was due to negligence or knowledge is irrelevant. The audacity to put a man who so carelessly rejected the health standards for himself and others in a position to where he continues to profit from it is truly unforgivable. I wonder if any of these companies would care to offer Ashley, Caroline or Jade a position. How about fetching coffee? According to, Ashley recently tried to get hired as a receptionist at a car dealership, just to pay her medical bills. Why don’t these companies who employ Wallice and defend his continued presence in the business cut some of his check and send it their way? Then again, what is the price of a life? In the case of Wallice, what is the price of five? …

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