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Savanna Samson- Exclusive Interview part 2- Interracial sex

NL-Savanna was on 30Rock last night. It is not a show I have ever watched before. I only watched because she was on it. She did a smashingly good job playing a porn star, making out with a hot blonde girl, but also acting out her scenes. She is a great actress ( I know that a lot of porn stars can’t act, but Savanna truly can) and she did a great job. I am sure you can watch the scene either on Demand or on line. She first appears in the last five minutes of the show, and again at the very end.


interview by Cindi Loftus
Story courtesy of copyright 2009

AF: Are you making any porn movies anymore? (Laughs)
S: Oh yes. I’m doing two movies in November. I can’t wait. Now it’s more vignettes and more internet driven, so I can’t tell you the name of the movies yet. Because a lot of times they title it after it’s filmed. The last scene I remember was with Mr. Marcus (movie is called Screwed Over). We were handcuffed together, my ankle to his wrist. It was as if we had a wild night in Vegas and got married and woke up with a stranger and had to figure out what we did. It was so much fun. I was like this is what it’s all about. I have been doing this for quite sometime now, my first movie for Vivid was in 2002, and here we are in ’09, and because it was Mr. Marcus and so funny, and so fun and orgasmic, and I felt like this is what I’ve been missing. It was an eye opener. This is what I love about porn.

AF: You needed a big black dick and some improv.
S: (Laughs) I loved his big sexy lips too, and kissing, ya know. To kiss, and the passion. I don’t know what happened, but it was awesome. I can’t wait to see it. And it was a Paul Thomas movie, so any time he films me he wants me to pee. And I really did have to pee and I’m handcuffed to Mr. Marcus so he picks me up, leg over his shoulder, and we hop to the bathroom and pee. Doing a scene with him was refreshing. It was also a beautiful location on the water in Marina Del Ray. There was a sex swing in the living room that swings to outside when you have the doors open. And the breeze from the ocean and Mr. Marcus, it was great.
AF: Did anything funny happen on the set?
S: Well we were in the most awkward positions you can imagine and it was painful if you moved a certain way because of the handcuffs, so it was overall hysterical.
AF: So your ankle and his wrist, so that would put his face right in your crotch.
S: Uhm, yes.

AF: If people could only see one of your scenes, which one should they watch?
S: It would be in the movie “69 Seconds”. There is a gang-bang, which is something I said I would never do.  I am with five guys. I’m in control and I’m laughing and having a good time, and I take all of those guys in every hole you can imagine. And look good doing it. I always thought that (gangbangs) looked degrading to the woman, and that she did not enjoy doing it. So that is why it was something I never wanted to do. But when I did it in “69 Seconds”, it is probably my best scene ever.
AF: You felt comfortable and in control and came in with a positive attitude and you pulled it off.
S: B Skow was the director.
AF: He is a really good director.
S: He is a good director, but he also is right in there saying you are so beautiful, which really turns you on through the camera. Instead of Paul Thomas who leaves the scene during the sex and it’s up to me. B Skow is in there saying do this, do that, he is almost in the scene with you and he was doing that with five guys there as well and I wanted to make love to him through the camera some how.
AF: You should have said B Skow, put the camera down and get over here.
S: I know. I almost wanted to tell him, okay hold the camera but slip the dick out a little bit and I’ll put it in my mouth.

AF: I bet he is a good dirty talker.
S: Well he doesn’t talk dirty so much as making you feel so sensual and beautiful. Even the way he holds the camera, I don’t know. (Laughs)
AF: I am going to have to tell him all of this. I bet he never hears about how wonderful he is. We’ll have him jerking off thinking about you talking like this.
S: He just loves you through the camera. I just love working with him. I can’t wait to work with him again.

AF: That is definitely a great director. You have been with Vivid for seven years? That has to be a record.
S: Yes, I am the longest running Vivid girl.
AF: Well you are one of the few real porn STARS. You always do a great job. You are respected. You do top notch performances. I guess what I am trying to say is you have a hard work ethic and you are a class act.
S: Thank you!
AF: How do you decide who you want to work with?
S: Well when Shylar asks me who I want to work with I say think BIG.  It’s not that I like to have a big cock in me, but I like how it looks on camera. I’d rather have average size, not too big, not too small, I can adjust to any situation. But for camera purposes I think it looks so hot when it’s a big thing stuffed in a…
AF: Especially interracial looks hot, with the skin color contrast. Who are your favorite men to work with?
S: I just did “Blame it on Savanna” with Sean Michaels, and I could see that big black cock in me. One of the other guys I really like to work with is Manuel Ferrara. I just love that he is natural and has so much chemistry and he really looks at you and of course I love working with Mr. Marcus. In fact that scene that I told you about with him?
AF: Yes?
S: We were in front of a closet with sliding glass doors so I could see his black body and his dick going in and out. I can get turned on by myself just watching him, so I can’t wait to see the scene. Plus he was so much fun to work with and so much chemistry. I was so turned on.
AF: So that is why you are so looking forward to going back to work to having some more great sex!

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