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Say Good Bye to EPassporte


Dear ePassporte Account Holders,
It is with great regret we inform you that ePassporte must close its doors due to a lack of revenue and circumstances beyond our control.

Effective immediately, the call center, ePassporte’s sales and marketing team and risk management staff will no longer be available. A small group will remain to organize wallet requests and help disburse funds. On the ePassporte website, in the near future, wallet holders will be provided further information on what is needed to obtain your funds. This will mainly be a process to protect wallet holder funds from fraud. We expect this will be a simplified process, and as we receive the necessary information, our small remaining staff will process requests as quickly as they can. Please direct your wallet questions, concerns and requests to [email protected]

For those of you with funds on your Visa Accounts, we are informed that St. Kitts Bank is working on a plan to provide everyone with full access to their funds through their Visa Electron Cards or by bank wire transfers and will inform you accordingly.
We appreciate your support for the ePassporte program over the past 7 years and deeply regret we must close our doors at this difficult time.



To All SKNANB Visa Prepaid Cardholders

As previously advised, SKNANB has been working diligently on the necessary efforts to restore prepaid cardholders’ ability to access their Visa card funds.

Subject to slight adjustment, it is expected that from Wednesday, October 6th, the overwhelming majority of cardholders will be able to access the funds on their Visa Card using their existing card, without providing SKNANB further information. A small percentage of cardholders will be asked to provide certain confirming information. SKNANB prepaid cardholders can expect further communication from us on October 4th in this regard.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your SKNANB prepaid card, please contact SKNANB at [email protected] In addition, cardholders can call 1-869-466-9733 to contact the cardholder services centre between the hours of 8am and 4pm Atlantic Standard Time. Please note, the call volume could be quite large, as such, there may be extended wait times.

We understand the inconvenience and SKNANB thanks you for your continued patience.

St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited

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