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Scam #BIPOC AIC Has Emergency TRPWL Meeting..Comes Up With A Master Plan #APAC VP

Not 100% sure on this, but in the 10 years I’ve been around, I don’t think anyone has had an emergency TRPWL meeting. If they did, they were able to keep it a secret..

I heard this last Friday, and again this morning…

I was told that last Thursday night the BIPOC’s had a meeting about yours truly. Now this is odd on several fronts, one being that both Scammer Sinnamon and Felon Lasha said I was ‘Irrelevant” on more than one occasion. The meeting wasn’t a normal BIPOC meeting, it was only for the inner scammer group, the ones who BIPOC is a paycheck for…

How dare I call Lasha and Sinnamon out for the past financial crimes, yes sir, I have it coming.

So they put their collective heads together and came up with the greatest plan to destroy TRPWL. Not as good as the Plot To Kill Shy Love, but close.

Their weapon? A white girl. Yes, the BIPOC Collective, a black power group, wants to use a white girl to do their bidding. Now, I’m not gonna name this simpleton, at least not now. But every one of you would laugh if I did.

I guess after Lasha declared war on me 4 days ago and everyone ignored her, they decided to call in YT…

Lets see how that call to arms worked out.


You didn’t even get a BIPOC like…




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