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Scam Union APAG Sending Out More Bullshit Cease and Desist Letters

Alana add her cronies over at AGAP don’t like bad press. Sometime over the last week, Alana and former performer Alexandra Mayers had a falling out. Not sure why, and to be honest, I  dont care.

Now, before I go on, I am NOT defending Miss Mayers, her attacks on this blog and the people she thinks are connected to it are legendary. With that being said, The Porn Unions double standards can’t be ignored

Looking over Alexandra twitter, she’s been going in pretty hard on APAG and Alana Evans.

At some point along the way, Mayers called Alana put using her real name, this enraged Alana enough that she took to twitter to have her fan boys block and report Mayers account..

I find this odd behavior since Alana’s government name is on over 13 non porn websites. Not only that, but over the last 3 years, members APAG, along with Union founder Phyllisha Ann have doxxed several people whom they consider enemies, the founder of the “porn union” doxxed people live on her short lived podcast. Giving out not only last known address, but phone numbers as well.  Since the people she did it to were enemies of APAG, no one said a word about it

Once Mayers did it it became an issue:


I’m assuming this letter is meant to scare Mayers into stopping her attacks on APAG, and more specifically, Alana Evans.

The interesting thing about all this, is, TRPWL has accused APAG of much much worse, and yet, TRPWL doesn’t get any cool letters from APAG lawyers. Why’s that?

Because APAG knows what will happen.

Unfortunately for APAG, they made a tactical error by sending Mayers that letter, it lead to me making fun of APAG, and Mayers put it up.

While I have no direct knowledge of what Mayers alleges, over the last few years, the porn union has broken several laws, they’ve tried to bribe their own union officers, they have engaged in fraudulent elections, and have taken money that wasn’t reported..One could go as far as to say, there are organized criminal elements inside of the porn union.

Let me know if you need my email, you know, for that cease and desist letter




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