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Scammer “Director/Agent” at it again!

NL-Obviously this is only the opinion of the writer. If Randy Kaupos would like to send in his side of the story I  will post it. I would also like to hear from the other talent mentioned. Thank you.

Reader E-mail- One of our Commenters Writes Me-

 Randy Kaupos is at it again !! Running a fake talent agency  called Ink talent agency and claiming he is running a company called reddawgfilms out of his North Hollywood, California home. Randy was temporaily a so called director for the website COHF.COM and was fired by Producer, Mark Chastain  after Randy failed to send the first set of shot content to his Canadian office for editing and website posting. The second shoot was with Isabel Curoso  and male talent was the Orginal Tommy Gunn?? Mark Frenchy, Steve Driver, and Rick Madrid. Lela star, the still photographer had to actually direct the scene while shooting stills for the Randy Kaupos obvouisly is not a Director. After the shoot , Mr kaupos told the talent that the budget for the shoot was cut and that they would have to wait. but Rick Madrid, got his money from him before leaving the set after the shoot. The others didn’t .Randy is on the loose running around the valley ripping , roaring and scamming. ANYBODY OUT THERE READING THIS!! DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY!! He uses different alas and will steal your content or duplicate it.

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